Lounging at KL Tower Serviced Residences

When life seems to be busy and everything is crashing on your mind that makes you feel exhausted afterwards, what will you do? If you’re going to ask me, I would definitely answered “Stop! And savor life’s best moments!” It could sound a cliché but yes, every one of us, at some point of our life, need to stop, breathe and rekindle to the things that makes us keep going, right?! 

Albeit, one of the things that I love doing in times that I am stressed, well aside from shopping, is to stay in a hotel with a great amenities, location, ambiance, surroundings and of course, home-y which I often called as hotel staycation. Doing this always revitalizes and gives me fresh ideas that I can use to my work, personal life, and business. With that said, let me share with you my recent staycation in KL Tower Serviced Residences

KL Tower Serviced Residences

S A T U R D A Y. It was Saturday afternoon, right after my work, the boyfriend and I went straight to KL Tower Serviced Residences to check-in, right in time to celebrate our 6th year anniversary as boyfriend/girlfriend. Seems like I was in Malaysia because of the name “KL Tower” but boy, the hotel is located at 117 Gamboa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. Yeah, you read it right, it is just in one of the corners of Makati City. To give you a little background, KL Tower Serviced Residences is named after its owners’ initials which stands for Kalaw-Ledesma, the highly respected clan. 

our bed
romantic table setting - view from the bedroom
what a delightful surprise - chocolate mangoes!
our livingroom

After we checked-in and waited for our room, the staffs were happily assisted us. What I love about staycation was that, everyone’s happy. Everyone always gives their best curve, which is the smile. KL Tower Serviced Residences defines stylish comfort and modern living at its finest on which would surely satisfies its patronage needs wherein living spaces are characterized by clean architectural lines with touches of mosaic artistry. With that said, let the photos attest to that and let it do the talking. Welcome to our One-Bedroom Premiere!

lounging at our favorite corner.
my own space - love this!
comfy and soft sofa
clean, beautiful and romantic setting

Our room is furnished like I was just at home, there’s full kitchen with complete plates, utensils and cooking wares thus having my early morning ritual of drinking lemon water was not a problem because I had everything – knives, chopping board, glass and lukewarm water. Aside from that, if you just can’t let go of being workaholic, there’s a separate room as your home office plus there's also a FREE wi-fi. I managed to snap some photos for my clothing business because the lightnings and wall paint was way perfect the way I envisioned its output. I was glad that I had a staycation because aside from lounging most of the time I was able to squeeze in some hours for my business. Yay! 

another view of our dining and living room
view from the ktchen

Moreover, the beautiful scenery right In front of the balcony amazed me, the skyscrapers, the Legazpi Park where you can spot kids’ playing and even love birds having picnic, and the city lights that started to came out right after dusk. Oh, simple amazing things that were FREE. How I wish my home is, somehow, have these wonderful scenery. Life could be more awesome then – appreciating simple beauty that God bestowed upon us. After some photo-shoots and just doing nothing, it’s time to have dinner. Greenbelt is just a few blocks away, I think 5-10 minute walk from the hotel so we just decided to eat there and went back to our hotel to relax and have night swimming session. One of the amenities that I liked was the sauna. Yeah, you read it right, they have sauna! And you can use it for free. There’s also a gym and playground are all located on their 7th floor. 

view from the balcony
the city starting to lights up
going down.. 
sophisticated lobby
playground, perfect for kids and kids-at-heart
swimming pool for me alone
sauna room

Though, we have encountered a bit of mishaps but I was delighted even my partner that assistance is available 24/7. We just had to call the front desk and in a span of minutes, assistance was ready to assists us. What I liked about it was they made sure that all is well and their guests have a comfortable stay. Well, before capping the night off, got this present from the boyfriend – my favorite perfume – Clinique Happy Heart! Cheers to more years! 

beautiful lights of the city
good night!

S U N D A Y. Good morning! The thought of checking out at 12noon made me a bit sad. Oh, can I just stay for another day and night, please? Anyhow, I woke up early, prepared and had my lemon water, did some morning shoot at the balcony and dozing on my favorite corner of the room – the super soft and comfy sofa – in the living room! At 9:00am, we had our heavy breakfast meal courtesy of Kitchen B1 that serves organic foods. Aside from the cozy and serene ambiance, the foods were appetizing! I love their salad, coffee, juice, and – well, everything! With that said, I am looking forward to come back with my friends. They should try it as well and I am sure they will going to have the best dining experience. Plus, it is organic!

Legazpi Park
foggy morning in the city!
preppin' for my lemon water and his tea
can't get enough of this - peaceful!

Although, we just stayed there for a while, right after we finished our foods we went back to our room to have some me time, the boyfriend watched TV while I went for swimming and sauna. Argghh, and then the hard part of every staycation came after –packing! We packed our things and ready ourselves for check-out. 

Kitchen B1
relaxing ambiance
I ordered American breakfast - sweet potato, egg and bacon
... while the boyfriend ordered Filipino style breakfast - beef tapa!

To sum it up, I had the best staycation. The boyfriend feels the same way and couldn’t thank me more for having this staycation as we celebrated our 6th year anniversary. Everything was awesome and perfect! And before I ended this post, I want to share the comment I heard from their foreign guest, “I have the best stay ever, I’ve been to __, __, __, and ___ (need to leave the names of the 4-5 star hotels blank that he mentioned) but only this hotel gave me a surprise gift. The staffs were helpful the moment I checked-in they assisted me going to my room. Thank you! Will surely recommend this to my colleague.” Well, I guess it is time for you to experience it, too! 

Meanwhile, KL Tower Serviced Residences is having a sparkly promo. Please see poster below and enjoy their holiday treats valid from December 15, 2014 to January 4, 2015.

KL Tower Serviced Residences Holiday PROMO

KL Tower Serviced Residences is part of Hospitality International Inc., which also manages known names in the hospitality and real estate industry such as Joya Residences in Rockwell, The Picasso Serviced Residences in Makati, Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang, and the Henry Hotel in Cebu. 

KL Tower Serviced Residences

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