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León Gallery: The Magnificent September Auction 2018

9:09 AM 0
León Gallery is pleased to announce " The Magnificent September Auction 2018 " featuring important works of Philippine...

Not your ordinary walk in the park, it’s an Art in the Park

5:12 PM 0
Albeit, I have a soft spot in my heart that appreciates and loves artwork. It was like a thirst quencher for my soul that begging...

Caballete Artist’s Gallery: The Home of Art Gallery

2:21 PM 0
Life is indeed beautiful by just appreciating arts and pieces an artists’ carefully and wholeheartedly made. Lines, colors, curves, a...

SiningSaysay: The Journey of a Nation thru “Philippine History in Art” Exhibit at Gateway Art Gallery

11:28 PM 3
I love arts and history because it transcends me into another world of appreciating life even more, of discovering and learning new thin...

Travelog: Revisiting Lopez Museum

3:15 AM 0
Jutay Alma Quinto Installation | Medium Variable | 2013 Yesterday, I had a chance to visit once more the Lopez Museum & Li...

Desire, Ennui, Anxiety: Marcel Antonio at Yuchengco Museum, Feb 6 to 25,2012

5:44 PM 0
In July of 2010, the poet V.I.S. de Veyra posted a blog essay on the art of Marcel Antonio titled “ Blue Funk’d Stories: The Expanding Art...

Lopez Museum: Reverb and Chabet Art Exhibit

4:43 PM 6
Wow! Feels like I am still in school and still in awe, when I visited The Lopez Memorial Museum and Library last Friday, December 16, 2011 ...

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