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Breast Cancer Awareness – Know the early symptoms

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Prevention is better that cure. I believe on that and thus, having a healthy lifestyle is a must for every one of us. But what if, you have...

Premium HyC150: A handy hydration kit for today’s global traveler

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If there is something that most people love to do, it is traveling. We all want that well-deserved vacation, a moment to feel free from str...

Watch out for the next GEN-S STORY!

11:18 AM 0
Hmm… I bet now, you are thinking what your GEN-S story is? Well, as for me I already couldn’t contain my excitement to have make and create...

Pintô Art Museum

9:27 PM 0
Hi there! October had been good to me and hoping and praying for the better November. Life is always full of surprises and I couldn’t wait ...

Alex Gonzaga, First Filipina Face of Proactiv

11:14 AM 0
Proactiv, the skin care product choice among Hollywood’s elite finally found the perfect Filipina who embodies the brand. Young, charming ...

The search is ON for the first “Modèle Philippines"

10:45 AM 0
An anonymous mannequin doesn’t become a cover girl overnight, nor does a boy next door become a runway gentleman the next day. An unknown o...

A Nutcracker Christmas by Healthy Options

10:43 PM 0
Yay! Christmas is coming, a time of giving and exchanging gifts. Well, I love doing both – to give and to receive gifts! Well, who does no...

Lip Pure: Look effortlessly polished with healthy, moisturized and kissable lips!

9:53 PM 0
Life is an adventure and wherever we are we should get protected. And when I say protected, it also deals with the tiniest details on our l...

Planning the Perfect Wedding with Bridestory

6:30 PM 1
Some like their weddings to be the grandest celebration, regal and majestic in every detail. Then there are those who like it quaint and in...

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