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I gotta feeling, that Tonight is my good Good Night!

Lols. what's with the Title?! Well, today April 27, 2010 6:54PM Manila Time, what I'm hoping and looking forward for is to have a very good night. Ha! ha! Well, everybody does. It's been a week that i did not blog just because i was so busy with my work. That was a horrible week, so many deadlines, so many projects, and so many things that needs to accomplish. Thanks God, all was done perfectly. As of this writing, i don't have any topic to discuss with. Hm mm.. 

I am contemplating which one to buy, a Notebook, RICOH CX3, Vai0 Laptop, or Panasonic Lumix LX3.. Grrr.. so hard to decide, but if i was given a lot of money i will buy them all. 
The reason why i want those things because of the level of my needs. Yeah, you read it right, i classify them as a NEEDS and not just because I WANT it.

Notebook/VAIO Laptop. Well, brand such as MSI, ASUS, Dell will do. The Price Range is about Php20,000-30,000/50,000-100,000 respectively and can also be buy through 0% interest 12 months installment offered by the participating Credit Cards. It is a NEED for me because I'm doing my Online Businesses, such as blogging, PTC and other internet activity that will make more money for me, because for now, my Pentium 3 ASUS laptop is not that good already. Notebooks are good for surfing only which i am doing, it is good to have one because it is much cheaper that the VAIO LAptop which i really wanted.

RICOH CX3/PANASONIC Lumix LX3. This can be use for my outdoor activity and also with my blog to be more attractive. The price range from Php17,000-20,000. I am looking forward and very eager to have this.  So hep me God. 

 By the way, this image was my first shot using Sony A380 borrowed from my office mate. I love the shot because i like the blur background of the focus. Love It!

Today, as the technology changes, SLR is very popular to all photographer. I love them and adore them having a great Shots.

Till  next time!
Be Happy!
Always Smile! :)

Halik at Yakap,



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