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Travel in the New Normal: Tausuvan Falls in Cotabato

Tausuvan Falls, nestled in a lush vegetation, is perhaps the most popular amongst all the falls found around the foothills of Mt. Apo due to its beauty and accessibility, which is located in Barangay Bongolanon, Magpet, North Cotabato, Mindanao

Tausuvan Falls is approximately between 40-50-minute drive from the city of Kidapawan. And like the normal barkada (group of friends), we decided to have a spontaneous trip to unwind and had a break from online classes with in-between exams and whatnots.

Travel in the New Normal: Tausuvan Falls in Cotabato
Tausuvan Falls

It was seven in the morning, the time that we agreed to meet in our favorite meetup place beside Iglesia Ni Cristo monastery, 7 Eleven. It was like a normal day in a not-so-normal environment (because of covid!) that we hang out and felt the freedom from all the hectic school schedules – a much needed relaxation that travels could bring.

Meanwhile, on our way to Brgy. Ginatilan, we saw some fruit stands that sells durian, marang, mangosteen, and more and so we stopped by and grabbed some for our snack. It was overwhelming because the price are already way affordable than buying in local stores or supermarkets prior the pandemic but during this time, it is way cheaper – which is kind of sad especially, here in Davao or some area, I think because selling what is being harvested from the farm is the main bread and butter when in the province.

As we went along, the road to Tausuvan Falls has many steep incline area yet it is well developed so it is not really a struggle. Plus, you will see signages and direction going to the spot which comes handy for first timers! After we passed by multiple town propers, we arrived at the town of Bongolanon, where the Hillside Kopi Haus and Ihaw-ihaw with a stunning view wouldn’t let us pass without enjoying must-try delicacies with a refreshing vibe of nature. Lush greens, mountain ranges and everything about Mother Earth are worth stopping by!

Hillside Kopi Haus and Ihaw-ihaw
Hillside Kopi Haus and Ihaw-ihaw

The scenic and aesthetic view of the mountain is mesmerizing. It has a great view of nature and far from the chaos of the city, it brings good vibes and peace of mind as I partake in this exhilarating adventure. Thought it is sunny, I can feel the cold mountain breeze throughout my body.

Hillside Kopi Haus and Ihaw-ihaw, Tausuvan Falls

Hillside Kopi Haus and Ihaw-ihaw offers chicken inasal, different kinds of kakanin and some local delicacies in the area. We tried their best selling sikwati that is freshly made by the locals, hot sikwati or hot choco is made from cocoa powder which is perfectly fits for the cold weather during our trip. Being on top of the hill or mountain has always this cool breeze and so anything hot or I guess, whatever you will have is great! The view, the ambiance, the weather are already appetizing!

Hillside Kopi Haus and Ihaw-ihaw, Tausuvan Falls
breathtaking view from Hillside Kopi Haus and Ihaw-ihaw

I would suggest that, you should go there in the morning as the place is swarmed with tourist stops along the way to Tausuvan Falls.

With the new normal, safety protocols and checkpoints are expected upon arrival. 

  • A checkpoint at the LGU of Magpet; collects a Toll Fee of Php20 per person which served as an entrance fee.
  • We rented a cottage, a nipa hut for Php350; with electric outlet and grilling station.

Travel in the New Normal: Tausuvan Falls in Cotabato

The resort is managed by the Bagobo’s and with that minimal fee, they maintain the beauty of it. They also sell souvenirs like t-shirts, bracelets, keychain and other local goods. And here’s the exciting part of the adventure - a 300 steps is awaiting for us before we can see the beauty hidden in the middle of the greeneries. Lo and behold, the clear and cold water with a ravishing sound of the waterfalls unleashed everything! It was so refreshing and so, the ice-cold water, that our tired body and mind were reinvigorated.

Travel in the New Normal: Tausuvan Falls in Cotabato
rates and souvenirs

We’re so excited and felt like we were having an outdoor picnic. After we settled and rested for a couple of minutes – we did the cooking (grilled food!) while, others setup the table. The place is well-preserved and it has a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. To be honest, the water was very cold and I got shiver-to-the-bones. You can also climb on the top on the waterfalls by following the path beside it, which we did. Though, it was very slippery and steep but reaching the top was satisfying and felt like an achievement - it was an over pouring joy that hard to explain. Seeing the spectacular and mind-blowing view was more than a reward. By the way, there is also a mini waterfall on top were people are allowed to be a little adventurous by sliding onto it. 

Travel in the New Normal: Tausuvan Falls in Cotabato
the 300 steps to an amazing spot

Tausuvan Falls with crystal clear cold waters and natural beauty, is truly an adventure and nature combined. 

COVID-19 safety protocol isn’t that strict, all you need to do is wear a face mask and face shield. Traveling in the new normal is not really a hassle if we follow the rules and regulations. Safe travels! 

>> Words and photos by Vince Pascua, a resident of Kidapawan City. <<

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