Cebu Pacific Air: How to Correct Passenger's Name

I can still remember the feeling when I noticed that my cousin's name was incorrect upon doing the web check-in. Many thoughts were running in my head and the first thing that I thought was to book another flight because she shouldn't missed this flight or else, I will forever regret that thing, but whoa, it was too pricey! Gee... that's the mistake I made when I was in a rush booking the seat sale so that I can score cheaper fare. 

correct passenger name in cebu pacific
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Back then, I was in Coron, Palawan enjoying the bliss of watching the waves crashing onto the shore. I was in an out of town vacation so I decided to do the early web check in for them ahead of time than doing last minute. The usual process, I went to the website, manage the booking, and did the web check-in when I noticed that my cousin's name was incorrect, she has no surname. Good thing, their scheduled flight will be in 3 days but since I was not flying with them and the network signal was kinda not stable in the place I was staying, I wanted to ensure that checking-in and boarding were smooth sailing. I didn’t notice that I entered the name incorrectly during Cebu Pacific Air's seat sale. I panicked for a couple of minutes, did the usual inhale-exhale thing to calm myself, appreciate the ocean view on where I was seated and carefully think what needs to be done. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi and data were not cooperating due to the not-so-good weather and some parts of the resorts were in renovation thus Wi-Fi was unavailable that time. So, what I did was patiently call someone in Manila and let him did the research on my behalf while I was trying to call the airline's hotline to seek assistance and advise on what was the best thing to do. The customer service representative that I was able to talked to instructed me on what to do after. I felt relieved knowing that I don't need to book another flight and I can correct it with no additional charge. 

And I know how it feels to be on that situation whether you have resources, that’s why here I am sharing with you an easy-peasy steps to correct passenger’s name of Cebu Pacific Air and have a hassle-free check in and boarding. Correction of the name is for FREE. So with the steps and tips below, I hope it will saves time, money and effort on your end.

How to log a request for name correction

1. Go to and at the bottom you’ll see the Customer Care, then click Contact Us.

correct passenger name in cebu pacific
contact the Customer Care

2. Under Customer Care, click on the Guest Feedback Form and Fill out the form. 

correct passenger name in cebu pacific
click Guest Feedback Form

    2.1 Type of *Feedback: Request
    2.2 Category: Name Correction
    2.3 Subject: Name Correction / Passenger's Name / Booking # / Date & Time of Flight
   2.4 Details: <Enter the booking reference no., flight details/itinerary, name of passenger and the correction that needs to be done.
        Sample: Booking with reference no. xxxxx with flight no. 5J xxx bound for Roxas City with Passenger Name, Bellie Anne. Passenger name should be corrected to Bellie Anne Xxxxxxx.
It was incorrectly entered and my apologies. Thank you.

3. Fill out the Flight Information 
4. Fill out the Your Contact Information. Make sure that information entered are correct because this is where they are going to contact you.
5. Tick the check button for agreeing on the terms and condition.
6. Check the Security Check box that you are not a robot.
7. Click submit.

correct passenger name in cebu pacific
double check the details entered

Once done, filling out of the form is completed, an email will be sent to you with your Customer Care Reference Number. It also contains additional details or requirements for them to process your request. For name correction, they’ll ask for a valid id and birth certificate of the passenger.

After sending the requirements needed, you will receive an email stating that your request is being processed and updated itinerary will be sent shortly.

To keep the conversation going and letting them know that I’m waiting for it, I responded to the email thanking them for the assistance they’re giving to me.

correct passenger name in cebu pacific

After 8 hours or so, I received the updated itinerary that was being sent to my email. 

And here are some tips to prevent this from happening and also, if inevitable, to speed up the resolution:
  • Always double or triple check the details entered upon booking. Usually, I found errors on those with second name as sometimes the systems read it as a surname. Let's say Belle Anne Vxxxxx becomes Belle Anne. Always double check or if you are booking with someone around you, let them check it for you.
  • Do web check-in as soon as possible so just in case there's something wrong, you still have an ample time to fix it. 
  • In any case that you need an assistance, log a request and once you have a Customer Care Reference Number, you may opt to call the airline at +63 2 702 0888; option 1 then option 2 (wait for the customer service representative), to expedite resolution.


  1. Thank you for this post! I was trying to figure out how to send them a message about corrections without going through the hotline. Good thing I googled and found your post.

    1. Thanks Kat that my post helped you. <3 Have a great getaway!

  2. Hi,
    How can i correct or add the complete name that i booked today because i booked CHARLIE LAURETA instead of CHARLIE DEMETRIO LAURETA.. Thanks in advance..

  3. Hi,
    How can i correct or add the complete name that i booked today because i booked CHARLIE LAURETA instead of CHARLIE DEMETRIO LAURETA.. Thanks in advance..

  4. Wow! now i know someone has done it. In my case, two letter's were flip off and hopefully, the request i've sent online will be granted

  5. Thank you so much for your help!

  6. Thank you. This really helped me a lot.

  7. Thank you very much for this valuable information. Good job and may the Lord God bless you a thousandfold in return as you help others...

  8. Thank you for this info. Hope I will receive immediate confirmation with cebu pac.

  9. Hi... Good Morning How i can correct my name?
    Marvic Artual to Marivic A. Artual thank you.

  10. Thank you very much for this information, Is there any penalties for this?

  11. HELLO!

    after sending the request, how long it will take the cebu pacific to reply?

    thank you!



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