A Quick Guide to Baler, Aurora

Baler, the capital province of Aurora and one of the best surfing spot in the country. Aside from that, I didn’t know that Aurora, specifically Baler has a lot to offer aside from being known as a surfer haven. So yeah, when the family decided to have a road trip sometime in 2016 up north, I said yes and suggested that we should go to Baler, despite the not-so-good weather we still push thru the said road trip. Despite of on and off rainfalls, we still managed to visit most of must-see spots when in Baler. So, fast forward to this year, I was glad that Baler, Aurora was part of the Lakbay Norte 8 itinerary and we spent four days of traveling around the province of love amidst the war. We’ve been to a lot of wonderful places, did a lot of food trips and amazed myself with its rich colonial history. Aside from that, Baler is more than a surfer’s haven. You can try other water sports or watching people playing with the waves and if you like to go beyond surfing, then Aurora is definitely a good choice for your next getaway as it has a lot to offer.

boat tour in Baler, Aurora

With that having said, here’s a quick travel guide to Baler, Aurora, having an idea on where to stay, what to eat and where to eat and drink, what to see and do and how to get there could ease your preparation and by that, you can easily plan your next travel to this beautiful province in the Central part of Luzon.   

Where to Stay

La Patricia Hotel & Restaurant is a mid-range beach front hotel with a swimming pool and has a tremendous ocean view plus an access to Sabang beach. Rooms are air-conditioned, complete with basic toiletries and clean; with hot & cold water. It is also way affordable especially if travelling with barkada or loved ones; a family of four can definitely fit in cabana where we stayed in. Also, water dispenser is available at the lobby, basically, you can bring your own water bottle and refill for free anytime of the day or night. The location is strategically situated in Sabang where convenience store and restaurants are just minutes’ walk away. Yes, having a comfortable and good place to stay without spending too much is possible at La Patricia Hotel & Restaurant.

the infinity swimming pool of La Patricia Hotel 

* * * * *
La Patricia Hotel & Restaurant
Purok 3 Sabang, Sabang, Baler, Aurora, Philippines, 3200
Contact No. +63 908 819 0806

Nature Green Forest Resort is perfectly suited for nature lovers. It is adjacent to a clean river where you can either swim or do kayak. The resort is also close to the must-see places such as Ermita Hill, Rock Formation, the Light House and Diguisit Falls.

Nature Green Forest Resort

* * * * *
Nature Green Forest Resort
Cement Beach, Brgy. Zabali, Baler, Aurora, Philippines 3200
Contact No. +63 977 815 7346

Seasta Beach Resort near to Baler fish port where you can have other water sports activities brought to you by Bouyancy Water Sports. The resort also offers boat tour to roam around Dicasalarin Cove. The rooms are hip and modern, where some are can easily access the swimming pool while having a wonderful ocean view. Well, I would love having my hot cup of coffee here while staring at God’s beautiful creations.

the swimming pool of SeaSta Beach Resort

* * * * *
SeaSta Beach Resort
Sitio Cemento, Barangay Zabali
Contact No. +63 919529 9751

Balud Camp Beach Resort has a home away from home ambiance and best suited for family that travels together as they have big rooms and yet spacious plus the space is big outside where the kids can play around. The sticky rice (biko) and friend chicken paired with fresh coconut juice were the best!

Welcome to Balud Beach Camp Resort

* * * * *
Balud Camp Beach Resort
Sabang, Baler,  Aurora, Philippines
Contact No. +63 917 822 3258

Nalu Surf Camp is a beachfront that also offers surfing lesson to everyone. Not into surfing, they got you covered as board games are available at the restaurant while sipping your hot cup of brewed coffee which is sold for only Php50.00 per cup.

view from Nalu Surf Camp

* * * * *
Nalu Surf Camp
Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Contact No. +63917 8172606 / +63917 8049323

Azbahaen Leisure Farm Resort will let you learn about wine making plus organic farming. So yeah, traveling is also about having fun and learning at Azbahaen Resort. To add, their wine tastes yummy; it’s fruity with a little kick.

Welcome to Azbahaen!

* * * * *
Azbahaen Leisure Farm Resort
Brgy. Reserva, Reserva, Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Contact No. +63928 370 1909

Cobra Reef Resort has a scenic view of Cemento Beach and this is the best spot for hard core surfers as the waves here are much bigger than of Sabang Beach.

* * * * *
Cobra Reef Resort
Brgy. Cemento, Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Contact No. +63930 646 9438

Green Forest Inn is also located in Sabang, a minute walk at the Sabang Beach View Deck. A perfect accommodation for family or a big group of 10 persons like ours during our family road trip up north without over boarding your budget.

* * * * *
Green Forest Inn
Buton St. Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Contact No. +63908 5261205

Casa Moorea is a family owned resort so expect but nothing but of a homey feel having a laid back ambiance and serene surrounding.

* * * * *
Casa Moorea
Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Contact No. +63977 2195943

Bay’s Inn Resort is your modern accommodation in Baler situated by the beach thus you have a great view of the ocean and watch people surfing. And the paco salad serve on resort’s in-house restaurant, Boardwalk restaurant is to die for!

deluxe room of Bay's Inn

* * * * *
Bay’s Inn Resort
Buton St. Brgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Contact No. +63977 700 208

Bayler View Hotel is also fronting by the sea, with a beautiful view paired with a great-tasting meal that will make your stay truly relaxing and comfortable.

* * * * *
Bayler View Hotel
Buton St. Brgy. Sabang Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Contact No. +63919 2863105 / +63927 3638735

Cube by Costa is a new hotel by Costa Pacifica. It is newly built and was opened to the public last March 11, 2019. The rooms are modern, perfect for everyone that looking for a great sleep after a tiring day exploring around Aurora. To add, a lavish and luxurious surrounding will welcome each guest that already connotes comfort at it its finest! 

Cube by Costa

* * * * *
Cube by Costa
Buton St., Baler, Aurora 3200
Contact No.: +63 2 519 4249

What and Where to Eat & Drink

Boardwalk Restaurant is a newly built restaurant that serves best tasting paco salad in town! They also offer buffet dinner and viands are nothing but of the best dishes that you are craving for. By the way, they also have an in-house bakery so expect that breads and pastries are freshly baked and served fresh from the oven.

bread or lechon belly? hmm... both!

* * * * *
Boardwalk Restaurant by Bay’s Inn
Baywalk, Baler, Aurora

Charlie Does Restaurant serves tasty vegan-friendly meal at affordable price. Or you may opt to have a beer at night while enjoying its serene ambiance.

inside Charlie Does Restaurant

* * * * *
Charlie Does
Buton St., Sitio Labasin, Brgy. Sabang
Contact No. +63 2 902 0900
Open from Mondays to Thursdays, 7 AM - 10 PM
Fridays to Sundays at 7:00AM – 12:00AM

Yellow Fin Bar & Grilla perfect night getaway for chill + booze with music bar. The barbecue is a bomb! It is perfectly marinated and the meat is tender that compliment well to a cold beer or mojito.

* * * * *
Yellow Fin Bar & Grill
Buton St., Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Contact No. +63930 817 6683
Open Daily from 7AM – 11PM

La Patricia Hotel & Restaurant offers an all-day-eat-all-you-can setup that is budget friendly. Their food fares are a mix of palatable local and international cuisines that’s why it is always a hit to tourists and even locals.

* * * * *
La Patricia Hotel & Restaurant
Beachfront Brgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Contact No. +63999 8882596 / +63908 8190806

Myrtle Park is a booze + music kind of ambiance. Well, looking for sumptuous food fares, mock tails and cocktails while grooving onto the music that the DJ plays or even jam with the artist singing your favorite song, then Myrtle Park is a place to be.

with Karla and Edgar at Myrtle Park || Photo by Mac Dillera of NPVB

* * * * *
Myrtle Park
Buton St., Brgy. Sabang, Baler, Aurora
Contact No.: +63 916 590 6255
Open Daily from 6:00 AM - 1:00 AM

Kubli Bistro is your unique food haven that serves your favorite Pinoy fares, Italian and Western dishes. While eating a soothing voices are serenading the diners with their acoustic songs that you can’t help but also sing with them. All Meat Pizza is a must try!

Lakbay Norte 8 || Photo by Mac Dillera of NPVB

* * * * *
Kubli Bistro
Alley 2, Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Contact No.  +63908 5763505
Open Daily from 7:00AM – 11:00PM

Mumunsi Chocolate Caféthey also offer Tsokolate de Batirol, which I loved so much! And different flavors of homemade chocolates and also serves dishes having a main ingredient, cacao.

yummier and chocolatier!

* * * * *
Mumunsi Chocolate Café
Brgy. Suklayin, Baler, Aurora, Philippines

Bike Kings Kitchen is another restaurant that is a product of passion. From the group of bikers who loves to eat after the biking came up with this idea of putting up a restaurant so that bikers like them need not to deal with on where to eat after the biking get together, thus the name of the restaurant. The interior is very unique, bicycles are all over places and it is spacious to walk around.

it's on the details

* * * * *
Bike Kings
Aurora St., Poblacion, Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Contact No. +63915 258 5518
Open Daily from 6AM – 9PM

Chef Gerry's Picnic Bay – fronting the Pacific Ocean and indulging on sumptuous fares within a budget, Chef Gerry’s Picnic Bay is for everyone especially those that are travelling in a big group. It’s a buffet-style-kind-of-picnic that has a variety of food selection, the Php 200.00 rate per person is a deal!

Chef Gerry's Picnic Bay

* * * * *
Chef Gerry's Picnic Bay
Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Contact No. +63908 862 2944
Open 10AM – 8PM

What to See & Do

I Baler – part of travel 101 is to take lot of photos for keepsake! “I Baler” signage located at the Baler’s Plaza is definitely the first thing to do when you reached Baler and probably the start of your journey in re-discovering its history.

hey there!

Museo De Baler – The History, Culture and Arts of Aurora. Here you’ll know the historical significance of the Aurora’s most prominent personalities and figures. Also, some pre-colonial artifacts are on display. The museum also possesses town’s charm and architectural design that really speaks for itself. But before entering the museum, you will pass by at Quezon Park where the late President Manuel L. Quezon bronze statue seated. The statue was a resemblance of a happy Quezon because his last wish was to be in Aurora but it never happened that’s why the artist who created the sculpture shows that he was happy to be finally home. At the right side of Quezon’s statue was the replica of the nipa hut where the late President grew up.

Entrance Fee: Php30.00 per person; Inclusion: Museo de Baler and Doña Aurora House tour.

Museo de Baler

Doña Aurora House – a replica of Doña Aurora Aragón house located at the corner of San Luis & Rizal St., Poblacion, Baler, Aurora. But who is she, anyway? Well, Doña Aurora was the wife of the first President of the Republic of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon, and happened to be his cousin. It was a traditional Filipino house made with bamboo and nipa as a roof and standing tall and proud across Baler Church.

Doña Aurora House

Baler Church – also named as San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish named after St. Louis, bishop of Toulouse who was the grandnephew of a king and another saint. On this site where the “Seige of Baler” during the Philippine revolution in 1898-1899 happened, too. In front of the church, there are cemented footprints that showing a trail of a person walking away from the main door which I think symbolizes the end of the siege and Spaniards leaving their garrison in surrender. The church was also declared as a historical landmark by the National Historical Institute (now called, National Historical Commission) on February 29, 2000.

footprints in front of the church

Aniao Islets – surrounded by rocks and big waves continuously hitting the huge rocks makes it impossible for swimming nor surfing. Though, the place is perfect for picture taking or just being mesmerized by the beautiful scenery and enjoying the sound of the waves. By the way, at the left side corner there’s an infinity pool where you can swim and have fun under the sun or rain. 

Rock formations at the Aniao Islets

Ermita Hill – The Ermita Hill, the highest point and the safest place of Baler where you can see the beauty of Baler Bay, Sabang Beach, Aniao Islets and the Pacific Ocean from the top. Aside from that, it is where the survivors of the catastrophe “Tromba Marina” tsunami fled for safety on the night of December 27, 1735, when the entire old town of Baler was immersed with sea water.

Ermita Hill

Balete tree – the Millennium tree! The 600-year old tree found in Maria Aurora, a town next to Baler is also one of the most visited attractions. The local says that it would take 60 people holding together with arms outstretched to encircle it. You can also climb at this more than 5-storey high Balete tree.

Balete Tree

Hanging Bridge – a long, hanging pedestrian bridge over the Tibag-Sabang River, with picturesque views.

Joker’s Hideaway – a fruit of passion and love for golf, Joker’s Hideaway fancy a 16-hole mini golf course surrounded with fruit-bearing and flower-bearing plants. It is a perfect hideaway for family and friends who loves to chill, swing and play.

* * * * *
Joker’s Hideaway
Purok 7, Brgy 2, Maria Aurora, Aurora, Philippines
Contact No.: +63 919 858 2974

Diguisit Falls – easily accessible as it is clearly visible from the road and just opposite of Diguisit Beach, located between Dimadimalangat Rock Formations and Aniao Islets.

Diguisit Falls with the Fambam

Ditumabo Falls – also known as Mother Falls. It is one of the must-go places when in Baler.  Well, the trail is easy and the trekking only lasted for 20-30 minutes passing to cemented pathways, wooden bridges, a two or three stony river crossings and voila, you will reach the stunning 50-meter tall falls. The water is freaking cold though but it didn’t stop us to plunge on that ice-cold water.

Lakbay Norte 8 at Ditumabo Falls  || Photo by Mac Dillera of NPVB

Boat ride – You may opt to rent a motor boat and have a scenic ride to Dicasalarin Cove, a secluded beach cove and have an amazing view of the lighthouse from the ocean. Seasta Beach Resort offers packaged boat tours perfect for friends and family.
boat tour to Discalarin Cove

Bouyancy Water Sports – located at the Baler fish port, you can have some water sport activities such as Banana ride, UFO couch and the Jumbo ride. Fun activities awaits you here.

* * * * *
Buoyancy Water Sports Baler
Fishport, Barangay Zabali
Contact No.: +63 929 080 6923 Facebook Page >>> 

Surf! Surf! Surf! – play with the waves at Sabang Beach. Nalu Surf Camp offers surf lesson for everyone, and yes even for those who have zero knowledge with surfing. It is worth a try and definitely would oomph up their Baler experience. But if you not into that sports, be amazed with the surfers as they stand at their surf board and play with the waves at Sabang View Deck.

Sabang Beach

Vincent Gonzales Art Museum – Vincent Christopher S. Gonzales artworks and impressive paintings are displayed here. It showcased the beauty and colorful history of Aurora.

one of the artworks at the gallery

* * * * *
Vincent Gonzales Art Museum
Nueva Ecija - Aurora Road
San Luis, Aurora, Philippines
Open Sunday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Contact No.: +63 920 224 1524

What to Buy as Souvenirs (Pasalubong)

From the usual apparels with the word “Baler” or “Aurora” on it, keychains and ref magnets as a non-perishable souvenir. Nanay Pacing peanut butter is highly recommended to buy as a pasalubong or as for your own consumption, it’s creamy and yummy.

Good to Know

Bring cash as ATM are rarely seen at the area.  Always include Paco salad on your meal, they taste great! You may opt to hire a tricycle to roam around but it is ok to explore the Baler proper by walking, people are friendly and you can always ask for direction. Take lots of photos as a keepsake of your fond memories and discoveries.

How to get to Baler, Aurora

via public transportation
·        Look for Genesis Bus or Joy Bus (Deluxe) bound for Baler, Aurora at Cubao Bus Terminal.
·        Daily trips start from 3:00AM (First Trip) to 7:30AM (Last trip) with an hour interval.

Travel Time:
·        Genesis (8 hours – due to stopover)
·        Joy Bus (5 hours – no stopover; with an onboard toilet and pillow, blanket, and snacks are provided, too plus there is a bus steward to assist you with your needs)
·        Genesis Standard A/C Bus – Php 450.00
·        Joy Bus (Deluxe) – Php 700.00

Contact Nos.:
·        Genesis Bus: +63 2 853 3115 /+63 2709 0803 / +63 2421 1422
·        Joy Bus:  +63 2 421-145/ +63 2 709-0803

For updated schedule, visit their website at https://genesistransport.com.ph/gtsi/schedules.html.

via private transportation
·        From EDSA Cubao, go straight to NLEX – Balintawak Toll Plaza
·        Drive straight to SCTEX Tarlac / Entry at La Paz Toll gate.
·        From there follow the highway leading to Aliaga and to Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.
·        From Cabanatuan City Proper, take the Nueva Ecija-Aurora highway
NLEX Toll Fee: Balintawak to Tarlac – Php 340.00 (one-way)

Waze and Google Maps always comes handy if traveling via car (private transportation). 
Manila to Baler via Google Maps

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