What to buy in Coron as Souvenir or Pasalubong?

Whenever I am in an out-of-town I see to it that I have something to buy as my souvenir and pasalubong for my family and friends. Thus, it’s a must for me to go to a souvenir shop and look for a stuff that I feel unique on its own, mostly ref magnet or keychain or if Starbucks’ is around a mug with the city/town’s name on it, and town’s delicacies. 

For Coron, Palawan, there are honey, danggit (not the same with Cebu’s danggit), cashew nuts and I guess there are more items or foods that you can buy in Coron but what I mentioned were the ones we had.

We went to Coron Harvest to buy cashew nuts cooked in different flavors – garlic, salted, sweet. A bit far from Asia Grand ViewHotel though but it’s worth the visit. They offer free taste so you can try it first before buying and perhaps, it is your deciding power whether you’re going to buy or not. For my case, I spent almost Php500. Ha-ha.

Since I am still looking for a ref magnet, we headed to Coron Souvenir Gift Shop located in Brgy. Poblacion 5, Bancuang, Coron, Palawan. Here, they’re selling a variety of items from edible to non-edible. Yes, for me it is a one-stop shop wherein all the goodies that Coron has were gathered and displayed such as shirts, native bags, shells, wood carvings, ref magnets and many more. They also selling cashew nuts way cheaper than Coron Harvest.

Well, can you guess what I bought aside from cashew nuts? *drum rolls*

It’s Mr. Sun wood carvings, not in this size though. Ha-ha.

So, if you’re looking for souvenirs or something to buy to bring to your loved ones, then I would suggest visiting these two shops – Coron Harvest and Coron Souvenir Gift Shop.
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However, for more cheaper and affordable alternatives you can always go to the market. Enjoy shopping!
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