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Island Hopping in the Philippines: A Beginner’s Guide to Paradise

April 09, 2024 0
Embarking on an island-hopping adventure in the Philippines is akin to stepping into a vivid dream where the water is a blend of the cleare...

Chasing Sunrise at Mt. Tapyas, Coron, Palawan

May 07, 2023 0
Chasing sunrise at Mt. Tapyas, Coron, Palawan Mount Tapyas in Coron , Palawan is a popular destination for those looking to catch a breat...

Coron, Palawan 2021 (Part 1): A relaxing and safe travels despite the pandemic.

March 06, 2022 0
I am one of the people who took the chance to buy Cebu Pacific Airlines’ super pass sometime in July 2021 and so, traveling in a short noti...

A Quick Guide to Coron, Palawan

August 01, 2015 0
Life is good when we are having fun, indeed! Despite of the hustle and bustle of the city life, one can always escape and live a life th...

What to buy in Coron as Souvenir or Pasalubong?

July 30, 2015 0
Whenever I am in an out-of-town trip, I see to it that I have something to buy as a souvenir and  or  pasalubong for my family and frien...

Sunrise at Mt. Tapyas – Coron, Palawan, PH

July 26, 2015 0
Whew! My journey to Coron is about to end already as I write this post but then moments always lingers on my memory and it would stay th...

An Afternoon Siesta at Pass Island – Coron, Palawan, PH

July 25, 2015 0
Our Coron getaway is getting more excited. Yay! After visiting the town of Culion and immense ourselves on its astounding past, we heade...

The Church of Immaculate Conception, Fort Culion, and Culion Museum & Archives - Culion, Palawan, PH

July 23, 2015 0
Filipinos are pretty amazing when it comes to coping up from tragic happenings. Well, the world always love to see how Filipinos stand ou...

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