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Cebu Pacific Air: How to Correct Passenger's Name

12:44 AM 0
I can still remember the feeling when I noticed that my cousin's name was incorrect upon doing the web check-in. Many thoughts were ru...

How to Make Your First Time Flight Less Stressful

6:50 PM 0
Traveling via airplane is one of the safest modes of transportation available today. However, that doesn’t make your first time flying an...

How to Get Over Your Fear of Flying

5:46 PM 0
A fear of flying can be one of the most paralyzing fears if you love discovering new locations. The good news is that just like an...

5 Ways to Keep your Belongings Safe when Traveling

1:05 PM 0
All set for you next travel destination? Before you set out, it is important that you take certain precautionary measures to keep...

Top 5 Features In Business Class that You Won’t Find In Economy

10:05 AM 0
Our ancestors have dreamed about flying in the air like birds. Nowadays, people are capable to fly even higher and faster. Huge...

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