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Travel Tips Before Visiting Greece

You will know that you are in Greece when you finally feel a warm air breezing which comes through a smell of salty water, which is crystal clear together with sandy shores which are sunny. So you might have packed your bags in readiness to enjoy the best places to visit in Greece. But before you go that way, you should check out the below travel tips which you need to know before visiting Greece.

    Ensure that you have packed your sunscreen

    In Greece the sun is very strong even before the beginning of summer and thus, you need to ensure that, there is some sunscreen in your bag. Even if you won’t be going to the beach or visiting outdoor sites, it is very easy to get a sunburn. There are some tourist locations which will capitalize on these and charge extra for sunscreen purchase. So if your budget is tight while you are planning to visit Greece, you have to ensure that there is a sunscreen in your suitcase.

    Tipping in Greece

    Unlike most of the countries in Europe, it is optional to tip while touring Greece. If you are impressed with a service, you can as well leave a tip to the waiter. There seems to be no general rule on how much you should leave and thus, it is up to you.

    Eat local

    Famous Greek dishes are a popular delicacy enjoyed all over the world. It will be best to experience with local dishes when you visit Greece and avoid sticking to the ones which you are familiar with. Each part of Greece has its own specialties with different recipes from one place to the next. You will be better trying several authentic local dishes when you visit Greece. If you don’t know what to order, you should ask the waiter to recommend to you some specialties that are found locally.

    The way to go is Halara

    When you visit Greece, some of the things you need to leave behind are haste and stress. Greek everything the easy way, appreciating their free time. You should not be surprised when you see supermarkets, stores, and pharmacies closed for the day especially on Sunday. Most locations for tourists such as the islands of Greek will have opened convenience stores on a Sunday but working hours will vary from location to location. During working days, government institutions and banks work up to 2.00 pm. You will need to leave your stress at home and go for your vacations the way of the Greece people halara and easy going.

    Requirements for car rentals

    When you are visiting Greece, it will be a good idea if you rent a car so just you are able to explore as much as you can. All the agencies for renting cars require that you have an international driving license which is valid. Each place has its own age limit as there are places where it is 21 years while others it is 23 years. You don’t have to get discouraged due to the fact that, most of the tourist destinations tend to have great public transport.

    Take a ferry boat

    When traveling from the Greek islands to the mainland, the main mode of transport is a ferry boat. The rides will be a few hours long depending on your destination. For overnight rides, it will be best if you took a cabin as they are comfortable and will ensure that you are well-rested.

    Ensure you walk with cash

    Even though most of the convenient stores and restaurants will be able to accept credit cards, it will be best if you paid using cash. This is due to the fact that there are some places which don’t accept credit cards such as small stores or local taverns.

    Book early

    If you planning to visit Greece in the summer time, then you will need to book early. If you follow this tip, then you will be able to get plane tickets and accommodation for a price which is lower. Since Greece is known to be one of the most destinations for summer holidays, it is possible that most hotels and flights will be fully booked as the season approaches. So you will need to plan ahead and ensure that the booking is done well ahead of time.

    Create a checklist

    From the time you arrive in Greece, you will feel overwhelmed with the sun, sea, culture, food, people, history and many more. With so much to do and see, your time will fly by very fast. It is recommended that you create a checklist of everything that you will want to do and see so that, when you are done, you cross them out before you leave out the next day for a different destination or activity.

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