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Things to Consider before Purchasing a Running Watch

Just like the blisters, chaffed nipples, which choke down your energy to ensure that you pick your first medal in your preferred sports, buying a running watch is one thing as a sportsman, you should not miss out. Being able to upgrade from a freebie app that is on your smartphone to a proper piece of run tracking technology is a great sign that you are in a position to graduate from a jogger to a serious sports person.

At Breitling superocean, you will come across various watches and thus, there will be a need for you to find out, which one will be right for you on the truck. The following are some of the things you will need to consider before you settle for the best option.

    What are your running goals?

    The running watch choices vary wildly from tools which you will only log in your pace, distance and time, to those which will help you to be able to improve your cadence.

    There are those which will reveal how much time your feet will be in a position to stay in contact with the ground. And thus, it is very important to consider what your running ambitions are; do you want to bit the reigning champion or you just want to get a few casual jogs on a weekly basis?

    You should not only focus on where you are at the moment, but you need to consider where you want to be in a year or so to come from now. It will be best if you bought a watch which has features that you can grow into than purchasing and only having to change it after realizing that, it is lacking some important features in the future.

    Are you aiming to get into the zone?

    Tracking your heart rate while training is one of the best ways to know if you are hitting the correct intensity. When you opt for a watch which has either a chest strap or heart rate sensor, it means that you will need to pay more for it. So you will need to, first of all, find out if for sure you require the feature or it is just a luxury one for your case.

    If you think knowing how much fat you burn is important to you, then get a watch which will be able to track the BPM of your heart in real-time and at the same time, be able to offer the training zone features. Comfort, accuracy, and convenience are things which you will need to think about.

    If you are among the people who are not fun of chest straps which are sweaty, it is important to remember that, the good thing about them is that, they will be able to offer you with the best and accurate statistics as compared to wrist-based alternatives.


    Just like when you want to purchase your running shoes, it is important to remember that, when something is expensive, it doesn’t automatically mean that it is the best. Getting a running watch will need you to have a budget of between $50 to $500. While it might be true that the more you spend, the more features you are likely to get on your watch, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend excess to make the watch to be right for you.

    Using treadmill

    If at any point you will take your running indoors, then you have to get a watch which comes with an accelerometer that will track your runs indoors. For more accuracy, get a watch which will allow you to use the GPS on your runs when you are outdoor to be able to calibrate the indoor tracking.

    When you have such, it will ensure that you are able to get better distance and pace insights when you hit the treadmill next time. A quality watch will be able to use the accelerometer to ensure that the gaps are plugged in case you lose your GPS link.

    Do you run, swim and bike?

    If you are the kind of person who likes Speedos and the two wheels, then you would want to head straight for the multi-sport watches. They tend to be slightly pricier as compared to others but you will find out that, they have a lot of features on them.

    In case you have other peripherals already such as cadence sensors, power meters, then you would want to ensure that they are compatible with the running watch which you are about to purchase. Check out if your watch and the adds on support Bluetooth or ANT+ or even both of them.

    Advice on recovery

    If you are a serious runner, then this might be a very important consideration to make before you settle for any watch.

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