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Factors that Influence the Value of a Watch

There are several aspects of a new watch which make finding and even buying one to be very enjoyable. However, it will be good if you take your time to be able to find the right watch which will match with your lifestyle and personality, otherwise, you might find yourself returning what you had purchased or a need making a new purchase. At, you will have a variety to choose from while bearing in mind the following factors:


    When purchasing a watch, they come in different sizes and shapes. Generally, you can be able to classify watches into the following categories:

         ☉  Sport
         ☉  Luxury
         ☉  Casual
         ☉  Vintage

    The style which you should finally settle for should automatically depend on when you plan to wear the watch. In case you are planning to wear it in an upscale business event, then you need to go for a luxury watch. But if you just need a traditional watch that looks good in a variety of business and personal settings, then vintage or casual watch should be the way to go. In case you are an outdoor person or an athlete, a sports watch is what to wear as it might have the strength and features you are looking for.

    Type (Digital or Analog)

    The watches which are digital have big numbers across the face which display time like in a mobile phone. While for analog ones, they are a little bit old fashioned, with clock hands and either digits or numerals all around outside. Most of the sports watches do have an interface which is digital, while the casual and luxury watches tend to have an analog face. While the digital watches tend to be easy to read and come with other several features, they tend to be complicated to use.


    You will need to know what you are going to use the watch for. This then ties to type and style of the watch as well. Even if you decide that you need something more than just a timepiece, you will decide the other feature that it should have. Most of the watches for sports feature a stopwatch and a timer, but you might be looking for speed calculator, GPS or multiple alarms. In case the watch will be for camping purposes, then no need to look for too many features on it.


    The most common materials for the case and band of the watch include:

         ☉  Canvas
         ☉  Leather
         ☉  Gold
         ☉  Titanium
         ☉  Silver
         ☉  Plastic

    Plastic and canvas watches look very cheap but they tend to be more durable and useful outside. If you decide on the metal materials, they look amazing but on the other hand, the silver and gold watches tend to be damn expensive. Concerning bands, leather tends to be less durable but lightweight and will be able to add a traditional look to your watch.

    Water resistance

    Most of the watches tend to have features for water resistance and thus you will not need to worry about water splashing on it whenever you wash your hands. Many watches especially the sports ones are either suitable for diving or swimming or splash-proof.


    In case you are purchasing a watch for style, maybe due to the fact that you want to show off a bit at work, then the brand matters a lot. A cheap Rolex could be more appeal when it comes to brand than a Timex watch which is top of the line. Brands such as Omega, Rolex, and Seiko tend to have a great reputation and brand recognition.

    Dial style and size

    The dial is typically the case and the outside of the face. When you pick the dial, ensure it is one that matches your wrist. In case you have a wrist which is thin and small, then you will need to pick a dial which has a small diameter and height. In case you have a thick wrist, then it will be best to pick a taller case and a bigger face.

    Wardrobe considerations

    Gold watches will look great with earthy, dark colors like grey, brown, and green. They will be great especially during the day. On the other hand, titanium and silver watches tend to look great at night. They normally go well with blue, black, and even grey.

    Power source

    Without any complexities, there are four types of power sources which are common for watches:

         ☉  Mechanical: Where you have to wind the watch once in 24 hours
         ☉  Automatic: They wind themselves as you move your wrist around
         ☉  Quartz: They contain a battery which needs to be replaced after using for some few years
         ☉  Solar: They are normally powered by the sun

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