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5 Tips To Create A Vintage Photo Album

Making a photo album is probably one of the best sources of joy and one can find in this world. You get to jump back in time to the best moments of your life, and you get to be in your most creative state, all at the same time. There's plenty of photo album themes to choose from, and one of the best among them is the vintage theme which easily can be achieve thru Adobe's Combine Images Tool. Nothing says throwback than creating a photo album inspired by the aesthetic depiction of the past.

But how does one create a present collection of photos inspired by the golden eras of the past for future reminiscing moments? Here are 5 tips to create your next vintage photo album!

1. Choose a specific vintage theme

Vintage can branch into many different looks. You can do a quick research on the specific vintage era you want to portray in your albums for ideas on designs and other items to include.

For example, the colors popular in the 1950s era were pastel hues, while in the 1960s, vibrant neon colors dominated the scene. Elvis Presley, Mickey Mouse, jukeboxes ruled the 1950s.

On the other hand, psychedelic designs, tie-dyes, hippie vibes, and the Atomic Age of design (see the Fallout series for inspiration) were dominating the 60s era.

When you've chosen your theme, you can easily plan the overall design and the intricate additions that go with your photos, such as stickers, calligraphy, and other stuff.

2. Pay attention to your colors

Speaking of palettes, you must also be aware of the colors you're bringing into your album. It's not really a requirement, but if you want your photo album to stay true to the vintage vibes, stick to color palettes resonating vintage.

You must determine which type of vintage you're planning to recreate for your photo album. Will you go with some colorful vintage palette or a gloomy yet creative throwback theme?

Some colors connected with the vintage theme are:

       Candy pink
       Bronze, rust, or copper
       Gold
       Forest, sage, pistachio, or sea-foam green
       Mauve
       Maroon
       Orange
       Cream or butter yellow
       Lavender or lilac
       Chocolate or mocha
       Aqua or turquoise
       Vintage rose

Choose photos that match the colors you choose too, so the whole album maintains its throwback charm inside out. For example, if you choose pistachio green as your main color, filter your collection with photos matching the same shade.

3. Only select the best photos that match with your theme

The purpose of a photo album is to tell your story through a series of photos. While it may be a keepsake for your photos, it's not ideal to put ALL your photos into one album. You'll stray from your story and your whole theme will look inconsistent when you try to jam pack all your photos.

What you can do is categorize the photos by their stories. Separate the travel photos from the family photos, pet photos, and more. Once you're done, you can filter them again by color, for example.

Don't worry if you only got a few photos left for your vintage photo album. At least you stick with your theme and story. That can benefit your friends, family, and guests who'll wander to your photo albums for some reminiscing moments.

You can use those photos you haven't used in your current album for a photo book in the future. If you still have their soft copies, you can have them printed as a photo book instead, like the ones from MILK Books.

4. Pinterest is your friend

If you've got a general idea on how you want your photo album to look, but could still use some inspiration to make it better, there's one ultimate destination on the internet you can count on: Pinterest.

The bookmarking site has loads of ideas for vintage photo albums, which you can consult for inspiration. You can recreate the designs you find there and give it your own touch. You can also mix every idea you find!

5. Keep it simple

Don't feel pressured by making the most creative photo album in the world. They're supposed to be your channel of joy and relaxation, so don't think much about the designs or what goes here and there. What matters is you tell your story through your photos.

Some people may even prefer to keep their photo albums as minimalistic as possible. So take it easy with the stickers, clip-arts or borders on your photo album. Those unused spaces act as part of the design as well!

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