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6 Tips For Safe And Secure Car Travel With Pets

The wanderlust bug bites us all, especially at a time when the dreary mundane mornings of routine life become boring. In such a scenario, traveling is like a breath of fresh air that refreshes the mind, body, and spirit. The adrenalin rush of thrilling and adventurous travel is very addictive, and hence people get drawn to it because of the excitement. 

6 Tips For Safe And Secure Car Travel With Pets
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Though solo trips are fun and uniquely joyful in their own right, there is just something about companionship that makes a trip twice the fun. When traveling, if you seek companionship, who better than your canine pal for good company? Here are specific tips you must heed while traveling with your pet dog to ensure your trip is a smooth and fun one with everlasting memories. 

    1. Consult Your Vet Before A Trip

    Unless you seek professional assistance for your dog, it may not be a good idea to travel with it, especially if it is experiencing difficulties and health issues. Pets with a prior medical history of recorded illness or which exhibit problems during travel are not considered "fit enough" for a long journey. There are multiple considerations for which you need to get your dog checked before a strenuous long journey. 

    Chiefly, one crucial factor to consider is that your journey destination may have a vaccine requisition or certification of health upon travel. A registered veterinarian is the only one who can help you in that regard. 

    Moreover, based on the climatic and weather or other destination conditions, your dog might need additional medication or vaccine shots to cope with the conditions prevalent. A vet consultation can quickly help you maintain and prioritize your dog's health in such a case.

    6 Tips For Safe And Secure Car Travel With Pets
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    2. Use a Harness

    Dog Harnesses can be a valuable asset for lengthy trips and especially road travels because it ensures adequate safety for both of you. The restraint you use for your dog can be of various types ranging from a seat-based carrier to a floor or seat safety restraint system. 

    But whether it is a cage based carrier or a car harness, your dog will get stability and safety. Most harnesses also come with built-in hooks and latches for attaching a leash or a safety harness, which can be quite useful for your trip. 

    3. Carry Adequate Food and Water Supplies

    If the journey is tiresome for you, the same difficulty increases manifold for your dog when you have hit the road. This can lead to potentially disastrous consequences and become a potential nightmare for them. This difficulty is only magnified if you do not stock up on essential supplies, especially for your dog. 

    It is highly possible that your dog's favorite treats, foods, or water may not be available at any roadside groceries or supplies stores. You might not find stores at all en route. Thus it is not just sensible but imperative to stock up on your dog’s essential supplies for the entire journey and back. You can pack extra refillable containers and food bowls to plate the food as an extra cautionary step. 

    6 Tips For Safe And Secure Car Travel With Pets
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    4. Imbibe a Car Habit

    Akin to most people, a dog can find the long road trip strenuous and tiresome at the least and get easily carsick. Though shorter trips around town for a small duration can be a fun experience, it is not safe to surmise the same for a lengthy road trip and abdicate preparedness. Most dogs do not have a habit of long sitting sessions on a road trip and get very restless, especially if they are very playful and are habituated to outdoor activities. 

    Thus putting your dogs for car trips for various durations and increasing the trips' tenacity can be a handy and valuable exercise. 

    5. Making Essential Halts For Play And Poop

    Taking short breaks or intervals in between the trip is essential and often fun on a trip. While you get the chance to take nature's call or stretch your limbs out, it is also vital for your dog to refresh itself. Timing these stops to coincide with poop and pee breaks is essential because it does not compromise the schedule and makes it worthwhile to bond during the shortstop. 

    You can carry your dog's favorite toys and other treats for some roadside walks, fun, and play. Know about various parks or dog-walk tracks that lie on your route and stop there for a quick session for training and games. 

    6 Tips For Safe And Secure Car Travel With Pets
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    6. Importance of a Unique Collar and ID

    Amongst the unthinkable problems that can happen while you travel with your canine friend are the risks of getting lost or other unforeseen circumstances. These days people are coming up with ingenious solutions to such issues. 

    One is to spend some resources and ensure that your dog's collar contains a chip and registration to protect it from the unthinkable. You may also have to update the registration details if your dog is already registered. Additionally, you should make sure that your dog is wearing a uniquely recognizable collar and dog tag bearing your necessary contact information. This could come in handy if your dog were to get lost. 


    The bottom line is that if you practice due and reasonable care and caution, you can avert any significant or minor crisis. Erring on the side of caution can help prevent any hardships or issues during the trip and make it more fun and enjoyable for both of you. 

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