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Home exercises for a healthier you.

With the pandemic that takes longer than “we don’t know yet until when”, we should look for alternatives to make our mind and body well and strong. Eating a balanced and healthy diet is substantial these days and incorporating exercises or some movements in our body could promote healthier well-being. 

post workout mirror selfie. 

Most of us are staying at the comfort of our home where there are so many distractions that would keep us from moving. And so, these simple exercises at home can do wonder for your mind and body. On the other hand, I am also using waist and thigh trainer while working out to increase body temperature which helps to sweat more.


    Squats strengthen your legs and core, which will make everyday movement quicker and easier. For those who will try this for the first time, you may use a chair to help you with the proper form especially those who struggle with balance. Sometimes, I wear my plus size waist trainer to support my back and help with my posture.

    Tory Rust: Lateral Leg Raises

    Lateral Leg Raises

    This is perfect especially those who work from home. Sitting for longer hours can cause muscle pain around hips area. Targeting that area by side-lying hip abduction can strengthen hip muscles; 8 counts, 3 repetition is already a good start.

    Jumping Jacks

    A cardio workout that brings back your childhood memories. Doing jumping jacks for 10 minutes straight can burn around 100 calories which you can perform anytime.

    Jogging in Place

    Yes, this is possible to do at home. It is like running at a slow pace in a place. You do not need to head outside or hit the treadmill to get the benefits of running; simply jogging in place in your home provides many of the same benefits. Of course, you might find it boring to run in place for a couple of minutes but you can definitely do this while watching your favorite k-drama.

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