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Things to do while in staycation (at home or in a hotel!).

This pandemic season, yes, I call it as a season, and like other seasons – it has limit. It is only limited for a certain period of time. And even though, it is quite hard to be consistently optimistic we can’t help it but look for ways to help our mental state healthy. I would suggest, that once in a while, if you can, change your ambiance, it doesn’t necessarily to be in another place but you can also do that by setting up a corner where you can enjoy and relax doing the things you love. For me, I do love my Zen corner, and whenever I read a book – I will just light my scented candles and voila… I feel relaxed and rejuvenated that seems like my creative juices were flowing freely.

lounging and eating. lol

With that having said, here are the things to do that my family and friends usually are doing whenever we are in a staycation – regardless if it is at home or in a hotel.

    Board or card games.

    Sounds old school? But did you know that board games are great mind refreshers! It will test one’s creativity, wit and humor as well. Scrabbles and some card games are mind-blowing that you have to think out of the box. Jenga, on the other hand, will test creativity and focus. Monopoly will teach some real-life lessons and how to do business.

    Costume party.

    When my friends come over in my place – we usually have pajama’s party and enjoy our movie-and-wine-kind-of-night. It was more of girl talks and more girly talks. Well, ladies also love to gossip but not as much as guys. Bleh!

    However, costume party would be different when we travel and a “spirit” kicks in. My friends like to dress up in the most creative way… which means... curtains and or bedsheet will be at stake. Gothic t-shirts also have its own fair share of excitement in every occasion. It is always fun to do, so might as well, think of your themed-party as early as of now.

    gothic themed-party

    Food trip.

    Of course!!! Who can say NO to food, right? At home, we can always be experimental in terms of cooking, or perhaps try new recipe and cook for the family. Or have some food delivery and indulge with your loved ones.


    Nowadays, telling stories or even asking “how’s your day” is not being practiced anymore because everyone can just post anything on social media. But did you know that the best conversation happens offline. It is a great feeling to see someone’s reaction on the things you have said. There is no imagination or overthinking of how the word is being delivered- is it in a happy, angry or emotionless tone.

    I fancy offline talks with my family and friends. Because during those moments – I feel that we’re connected and I was part of the story. I can see how surprised or pissed off one is. To make it more fun, you can create list of random topics and let someone pick a topic for the day. That way – there’s something you can converse about and for sure – that’s the best way to know someone even more. You’re welcome!


    Feel good movies or inspiring films are always on my list and when I say feel good – I can play on repeat some of my favorite movies such as The Holiday, Before Sunrise, Richy Rich, among others.

    When at home, each one has to pick a movie for our binge-watching session. Grab your popcorn, pizza and soda or juice and be ready to laugh, cry, and whatnot.

    There you have it! I hope this list will give you some ideas on how you are going to spend indoors. You’re welcome!

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