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It's Nice to be Back!

Helllloooo blog world. I'm back!

It's been a long time since my last blog. haissst. My world was busy few days ago and now well, if i judge my workload today.. I must be busy tonight but thanks God my laziness lingers me that's why i'm back to my blog world. A world where I can share my feelings and any thoughts, whether good or bad or even non sense!

What's the latest about me? Oh well, since I became busy last few days, I am so much stressed! To unwind and chill for a moment, me and my colleague still manage to enjoy the rest of the day.

A mocha cake roll from Red Ribbon bought by my two office-mate friends. They love cakes so they always share this with the rest of the team. Love to eat Mocha Cake because it is not that sweet so soft. Love it especially when it free! Hehehe.. I always love to say "Ang sarap ng cake, lalo na kung Libre". hehe.. 

After office, it was already 12:30PM then, but we still have energy even we stay in the office for almost 20 hrs and no sleep, what a "katawang lupa"!?!, we go to Makati Avenue to look for a restaurant since most of the times, were just hanging around and eat. We reached the A.V. Venue and somebody approached  us to gave us flyers of Three Sixty at first we were hesitant to come, because we don't know what is Three Sixty but because of the time almost all the restaurants there were closed. We entered the Three Sixty and us usual routine ordered foods even we still full.

Some foods that we ordered:

                                                        chicken roll

                                              tokwa't baboy and corn soup

That's all for now!
Till next time...
Happy reading!

Yakap at Halik,


  1. cool! I hope i can go in Three Sixty and have a food trip :) God Bless!

  2. nice blog.. :) Keep it Up. The cake is inviting.

  3. cool! I hope i can go in Three Sixty and have a food trip :) God Bless!


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