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Luk Foo Restaurant

September 13, 2010. It was Lola Ada's 93rd birthday! Everyone is so excited for this event. Not just a birthday celebration but also a reunion for Madlang-awa's Family. 

Since the family looking for a new place, they have decided to have a great time in Chinese Restaurant, and Luk Foo Restaurant is a good choice. :). The food was so very great and superb to taste. I am sure that I will be coming back to taste other menus.

There were so many foods to choose from, but since this was a birthday celebration and i am one of the lucky person that invited, foods were just popping out onto our table. :).

Ooops! by the way, Luk Foo Restaurant is also one of the fave restaurant of our President NoyNoy! This was featured in "Umagang KayGanda" (morning show here in Philippines) as Pres. NOY's fave resto. His faves are the green soup, garlic crab, minced squid and shrimp salad.

I will say...

I will recommend Luk Foo Restaurant to my friends and colleague. The food presentation is very nice, well for Luk Foo, as well its food is tastes so good. The interior design is beautiful and clean, that makes you relax upon eating and ask for more! The waiters and waitress are friendly, they always put a smile in their face while assisting every customer needs. Hooray for Luk Foo.You better try it to satisfy you taste bud.

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