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my G-CUBE Mouse!

Fashion is not only for clothes. You can also have it on your iPhones, Laptops, Mp3s or Mp4s. You can put skin onto your things. The more colors the more brightful and wonderful it would be. 

I have my G-Cube Aloha Night Mouse for almost a year now. I like it because i can choose from many colorful designs that they have, surely that suits to your mood like mine.  G-Cube is specially designed by women for women. Kudos! Their products are not only stylish but are also functional and meet the needs of women. But it doesn't mean that only girls can have this, men can also have this that really suited to their taste.

Well, as what G-Cube says, G-Cube is designed with YOU in MIND. G-Cube wants you to express Who You Are at home, at work, at school, the local shop, the PTA, or at your next national sales meeting. But for me, it is designed for "ALWAYS on the GO!" like me. G-Cube wants to be yourself and Inspire Others!

Want to know G-Cube more and its function?

1. Double Function Scroll Wheel.
                Scroll Wheel - A more convenient way to scroll up and down rather that to click the scroll bar on the side of the window.
                Wheel Button - Click the wheel button in the Microsoft Windows Applications, it performs the auto-scroll function, by default or optional. To set the wheel button to a different function, first download the driver from our website at Once you've installed the software you can program the wheel button from a list of 58 different commands. So amazing! You can do faster by doing this. :)
2. Double Click Button
                Just one click on "2X Button" directly oopens files and programs. Saves time and improves efficiency. This is what I love the most!
3. Easy Roll Up Cord
                - To secure the cables, align the Circular dot from cable to the bottom of the mouse.
                - Roll four times backward along the mouse body.
                - Locate the USB connector into the slot near the LED indicator.
                - Conveniently designed for your travel needs.

A super mouse that so helpful on my everyday living, specially on my job. I can work efficiently and more faster. 

Till Next Time!!!
Happy Reading :)

Yakap at Halik,

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