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SWATCH watch

I have been falling so much in love with watches. I don't know why, but i can't go somewhere without my it. 

 This watch from Swatch was a gift from my boyfriend.. yikeee. He always knows what makes me happy :) Thanks! Mwah! :)

I like this watch because i can wear anytime, whether formal occasion or casual days, whatever clothes you are wearing, you still in fashion. :)

This is my wrist wearing the swatch watch.:) 

By the way, i will share you some tips that will help in order to spot the  authentic Swatch watch. Especially if you're buying online.

1. Swatch have a unique Item Number. It was composed by English letters and Arabic numerals. Different letters stand for different series.
2. All Swatch watches are made in Swiss and use the Swiss movements. Swatch made from other countries like HongKong or that uses Japanese Movement.
3. The Case Back. All authentic watches of Swatch have semi-closed case back with exposed battery cover. The design that making ensure best water resistance, shock proof and anti-magnetic performance.
4. The Details. At the back of the Swatch watch there is an engrave wordings of  "Swatch SWISS MADE" "PATENTED WATER-RESISTANT" "NO (0) JEWELS"-(this is the jewels that may or may have your SWATCH watch, mine is 0) "SR626SW" -( this is my unique item number engrave in the lower left). Kindly note that all wordings should be in correct spelling.

I hope the above tips will help on the next purchase. 

I love this watch. It's color is so elegant. Pretty cool and in-style. I hope i can have this one soon. 

Till Next Time!!!
Happy Readings! :)

Yakap at Halik,

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