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Amici Restaurant

Amici is known for its Italian gelato, pasta and pizza! Superb food that we enjoyed to ate after a long walk in a crowdy place of Divisoria. It's been quite long since the last time I visited the Divisoria, as far as I remember Mommy She was pregnant during that time on her 2 year old baby girl now, so I invited Paul to go there last weekend to stroll around and look for some affordable and catchy goodies and it didn't failed us. After a tiring moment in 168 mall, we decided to go to SM Megamall to look for some fine dining restaurant that will gave us comfortable seats and relaxing ambiance.

And we landed in Amici Restaurant, after a long search and few arguments on where we gonna eat. I thought that this restaurant would pamper us and treat us like a queen and king since we were so tired, but I was disappointed, because the waiter gave us the Menu and he said we need to go to the cashier to order our foods and to pay for it, too. But then, since i am already hungry and tired I don't want to walkout but i need to have more patience.

The food that served to us was so great. Foods itself unleashed my angry mind and tired body. I really enjoyed the food -- the appetizer, the pasta, the pizza, and the gelato. It's all worth it! 

Mozarella Fritto -- Golden fried mozzarella logs served with tangy pomodoro sauce (Php 150)

Spinach Fusilli Montanara -- Homemade pasta with sauce made with Italian sausages (Php 210 -- Good for Sharing)
 Tutta Carne -- Italian sausage, ham and pepperoni (Php 290)

New York Cheesecake  (Php 65)

I will surely come back for more and to taste their variety of Pasta and Gelato. And this time i know now what to do once I enter on their restaurant. Good foods is always makes me have a Good Heart!!!

Till Next Time!!!
Happy Readings,

Yakap at Halik,


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