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Loreal Paris Hair Challenge

I have a super rebellious, dry, split-ends, frizzy and dull hair. I already tried so many shampoos and conditioners that promised that will make hair smooth and manageable and all the scripted goodness of their products, but unfortunetly I never been satisfied, none of them satisfied my hair. I'm so hopeless with my hair! My hair is curly since birth and after 22 years of existence, I decided to straight it but due to several treatments, instead of beautiful results, my hair have been damaged! A disaster!

Now, I'll try LOREAL PARIS Smooth-Intense Caring Conditioner for FRIZZY and REBELLIOUS HAIR, from the many good reviews available all over the world wide web and enchanting TV advertisements I will now go for this one to give a chance to make my hair smooth, and of course as always, their promise standout shine. :)

 The Loreal Smooth-Intense for Frizzy and Rebellious Hair :) and my not so pretty hair. :(

That's me!!! :)

I will take a picture after using the 1 bottle of Loreal. Wish me luck!

Till Next Time!!!
Happy Readings :)

Yakap at Halik,


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