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Trick Or Treat!

It's time of the year for Trick and Treat! Time for kids to enjoy the magical shows, and have fun. And also it's time for the different candies and assorted snacks to be filled in their loot bags in every Trick and Treat Station.

A quiet facade where after a while will be filled with kids laughter and be a noisy place which bring joy to everyone.

Assorted goodies for kids. =)

A carton full of yummy snacks for kids. =)

Another carton full of yummy snacks for kids. =)

A party is not enough without the magicians. The company also hires magician to bring kids and even kids-at-heart into a magical world. It is always nice to see of how the kids amaze on their magic tricks. =)

 This photo was grabbed on Sherry facebook account. Thanks!

This year I participated to this event, my place is one of the Trick and Treat Station.

But before the kids crashing to every station. A kid-at-heart posed to have a picture.

Costumed Kids at my Station =)  Thanks to Sherry for the pics!

A picture with Gayle. So cute and huggable.

Till Next Time!!!
Happy Reading :)

Yakap at Halik,

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