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Mas Masaya Pag Marami =)

From the title Mas Masaya Pag Marami =) (which means The More The More Happier), i have captured a macro shots using my Sony Ericsson Mini Xperia Pro a two situations wherein I relate so much. At first, i am just having fun capturing things using my phone but then, afterwards i have realized that i been on that situation sometime in my life, even in office, in family, in friends, and even in my lovelife. =)

A solo flight pin. If you look at the image it so boring, lonely, quiet, and you can feel the emptiness. In my life i have been on that place where i feel empty, lonesome, and it's so sad being alone.

But if there is more, the place is happy, colorful, meaningful and all are positive. Being in a group, a family, or even in a team is a nicer view of life. From there, I have learned and still learning. A good camaraderie is building up. Exchanging of thoughts and ideas are there. New experience are always reaching in my life. 

But then at the end of the day that I still feel alone, there's always a big GOD who always lends his arms for me, always tap my shoulder for a job well done, always offer his shoulder for me to cry on. There is no one person will feels that he/she is alone because GOD is always there. Proven and tested and never FAILS. =)

Till Next Time!!!

Yakap at Halik,

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