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01272011 | Food of the day -- KFC!

Today, i don't have a packed lunch with me, because I leave the house early because of the SSS Id Capture Schedule at 7:00-8:00am. I woke up early as 5:00am for me not to be late to the scheduled time and to be on first 50 persons in line. Thanks God! I did it. I was No. 5 then, that's why I don't have to wait that long to proceed with the ID Capturing.

Here's my food and P food because he also with me throughout my shift here in the office. =) He just missed me that's why he's here. ♥ ♥ ♥ As I've said I don't have a packed lunch so we just go to the nearby fast food chain for the rescue of our hunger.


Double Down

Macaroni Salad

Not so healthy foods but then we were satisfied of what we ate and fulfilled our hunger needs. I always go for their steak, because I love the steak sauce which i didn't capture for the above photo. =(.

More foods to come!

Till Next Time,

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