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Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer

In a world like ours, it's better to have a very healthy living to fight for any bacteria that leads to serious illness. I am not a fan of taking vitamins or any medicine. It caused me more prone to sickness. To prevent any sickness I am very keen with my hygienic rituals. ha-ha. Taking a bath everyday is a good start.

Aside from that, I also used sanitizers that will sanitize my hands before eating or every two hours especially if I am holding and many hand activities was occurred. It's a good practice that you will have a small tube of sanitizers on your bag for easy use and access, especially if there is no water and soap around. Sanitizing means keeping healthy. So better start now before it was too late.

By the way, a friend of mine gave me a Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer. I love the sweet and fruity smell of the Cucumber Melon Hand Sanitizer PocketBac. It is also came from a cute handles so that I can put them everywhere.

Since she is also selling this product, I also bought two Vampire Blood for my friend Ate Pi and Jamie. They also loves the smell the smell of this hand sanitizer.

Stay Clean. Stay Healthy.

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