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It's All about Cheeeeeese!

I love CHEESE especially the cheese souffle which is a very cheesy and has a sumptuous taste. Cheese Souffle is a puffy dish of cheese and eggs (whites beaten separately) and white sauce. It is yummy that I can even eat the cheese alone. Most of the sandwiches I ate must have cheese! Yes, It's a MUST for me. =) Oh well, eating cheesy foods is a very good source of protein for me too, since I am not drinking milk regularly. 
cheese souffle

Today, Me and P goes to TRINOMA to eye for a new VANS shoes, unfortunately, they don't have P's shoe size. We walk and walk and walk again to the mall. Window shopping as always and food haunting. ha-ha. We love to eat! He is craving for Mexican food that's why we ate in Taco Bell, We have ordered Mexican Quesadillas which always included on my orders list every time I eat in a Mexican Restaurant. I love quesadillas, it is really  a good booster of my lost appetite. While P ordered 1/4 pound beef burrito.

Mexican Quesadillas

We are on our way home when my sister texted me, and she was begging for a pizza. Aside from pasta, pizza is also Ai's favorite. I also love pizza because of the melted cheese on top. Hmmm.. so cheesy and yummy! I love the  chicken pizza recipe. The blending of chicken, cheese and pizza dough is so delectable. It makes my mouth waters. But since it is not available in Yellow Cab, i just ordered Manhattan Meat Lovers for her.

Chicken Pizza

That's it for this day. So tiring and yet happy. Another bonding moment with my love P and Happiness for Ai for her take home pizza.

Be Cheesy as Always!

Till Next Time,

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