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Here's my JANUARY HAUL. For this month, I am over gaga with the different scents, I have purchased Victoria's Secret Body Mist and Bath and Body Works Body Mist from a friend, which she bought the item from US. It's better to start the year right with scents that surely you'll love, and from this  I am super positive that I am going to have a super good and lucky year ahead. Super Positive Thinking! I love It!

Victoria's Secret

Strawberry and Champagne Body Mist

Strawberry and Champagne and Cream Vanilla Sugar 

Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works

I love most between the two is the Cream Vanilla Sugar of Bath and Body Works, I love the sweetness and yummy fragrance of Body Mist . I am like a vanilla ice cream when I'm wearing it. The smell stays longer on me, so i feel so yummy all the time. hehe. Love to Eat! haha

Cream Vanilla Sugar of Bath and Body Works

Stay sweet and smells good as the year 2011 started.

Till Next Time,

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