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It's already midmonth of January, why the days so approaching faster than it should be? oh well, that's the reality of how we gonna live our life. Live life to the fullest. Enjoy and have Fun! =) 

At this moment, i am thinking of  three things foods, household and shoes.  I love sausages which have been my dish this fast few days at the office. I am surfing with the different kinds of sausages for me to taste and i have found this word '#32 plastic sausage stuffing tube' which give me a pause for a while and think. What the heck is this? All i know is to eat. hehehe. I tried to google to lighten my curiosity. =) It is use for making sausages. Good stuff. Enough for foods. I'm drooling and getting hungry now. Haha.

Plastic Sausage Stuffing Tube

Household. It's been a while since I buy something for our home. I love to buy something for our kitchen. I wanted a square plate which i usually seen on the restaurants i have been too. But i can't still found any that fits my taste. Look what i have found a 1 quart plastic pitchers.
It is so cute, I fell in love with  the rainbow colors and the bottom of the pitcher. This is something needs to be listed on my 'what-to-buy list'.

Plastic pitcher

 Shoes. Upon riding on a bus a going home earlier, us passengers able to watch a soccer tournament. That's what made me think, that i wanted a new shoes. But where the hell I was able to get a cheap nike soccer indoor shoes.
Oh! another wishful thinking that i will able to have that on one of the clearance sale of nike. Wish that time i also have enough money to purchase one. 

Nike Shoes

I Love PINK, so this one is my pick! So girly and fashionable. One day you'll be mine. =)

I am always passionate to see and think happy moments and things that makes me smile. No matter how fancy they are as long as they made me smile, everything is worthy!
Wishful Thoughts.
Random Things.
Random Thoughts.

Till Next Time,

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