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Kobe Bryant "The Black Mamba"

Technically speaking, I did not win on Nuffnang’s Kobe Bryant “The Black Mamba” Premiere Screening, on which the winners will get two tickets each for that special event. Then thanks to the one of the winners, who lives in Mindanao. Instead of putting the two tickets into waste, he insisted to the Nuffnang’s staff to give that on the other blogger who also joined the contest. Luckily, I am next in line, so I have it! I got two tickets for the event. Paul and I went to the event last Saturday, February 19, 2011 at Ronac Art Center.
We had a great time to be present on that event. It was FUN.

Here is the full video of Kobe BryantThe Black Mamba."

It was an awesome video.

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  1. Congratulations of the lucky strike! :)

  2. congrats on the win! :)

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