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Food by the Bay | Trinity for Dampa!

I was craving for seafood’s since last week, and Dampa is the best place to eat freshly cooked and served seafood. They were so yummy and delightful cuisines that really made us satisfied that night. There was nothing more to ask for that day - a good food to pig out! Moreover, I have also captured some interior design of the Trinity Restaurant. It has been my second visit to them. Their service was great; the staffs were friendly and always made sure that we will have a great dining experience.

The Counter Top

The Wines and Liquors, i forgot the name of the topmost display.

Trinity's Menu - Prices are for Cooking Charge Only.
I will not do much talking right now, well; I think the pictures that I will be posting will do justice to do the talk. We have ordered these foods and they were the very best food that we had.
Ensaladang Mangga - Green Mango Tidbits, Onions, Tomatoes and Bagoong.

Buttered Shrimp with Garlic - my favorite!

Sinigang na Tanique sa Miso

Krispy Kangkong

Baked Tahong


That's it for now! I am getting hungry and looking for Buttered Shrimp with Garlic now.

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  1. The 7UP was the most alluring for me. LOL I don't enjoy seafood. But I do love sinigang. :D


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