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Graduation Treat @ Barrio Fiesta!

Barrio Fiesta, throughout the years brings only the finest Filipino food, which provides happy memories of family, friends, and traditions. Speaking of memories of the family, Barrio Fiesta also witnessed the love of my parents where they occasionally dated years ago. My dad’s favorite Nilagang Bulalo remains his favorite and Kare-kare for my Mom. Last April 01, 2011, my younger sister graduated in High School, a nine-year old younger than me, celebrated her victory of passing the secondary stage of her education. As her family, we are proud that after all the trials, hindrances, and some misbehavior she did in her high school life, we are proud that she still managed to finished the four years secondary level. 

As a good big sister to her (*evil-laugh* ha-ha), I treated the family to Barrio Fiesta as requested by my Dad because he wanted to eat there after years have passed. It is a good feeling that even that I got broke after paying the bills, I am happy to be with my family. Enough of that, I have ordered Barrio Fiesta Paella (which I forgot to take a photo because I am already hungry), Nilagang Bulalo, Kare-kare (which also I forgot to capture), Crispy Pata, Chicken Sisig, and Calamares. The foods were so Pinoy, which I always love to eat.

Barrio Fiesta's Menu
See the mouth-watering photos below that made me hungry upon writing this entry. 

Nilagang Bulalo

Crispy Pata


Chicken Sisig
For more information regarding Barrio Fiesta, you can find it on their website.
By the way, the Barrio Fiesta branch that we have celebrated my sister’s graduation was on SM Marilao Branch. The ambiance was relaxing, the restaurant was clean, the staffs were friendly, and the service was good. Always be Happy and Love your Family!

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