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It’s all about Wild Cocktails Mobile Bar drinks

This entry is still part of the wedding blast that we had in Pampanga. There was an open bar after the wedding reception program well actually, during the program the server were already serving cocktails. I drink occasionally and since the name of the cocktails served, was new to me I took the chance to taste them.

Wild Cocktails Mobile Bars was the host for that night open bar. From it’s name, everything in cocktails name is also wild. I am no expert in terms of drinks so I cannot say so much on it. However, it seems that all cocktails they had was something with The Bar and added something just to add a twist. I just took photos of it so maybe you guys knows them. =)

Citrus Mojito




Wild Orchid
What I liked the most was the Citrus Mojito, it tasted like a juice. I kept asking for that resulted of having three shot glasses but did not make me dizzy. Ha-ha. 

Drink Moderately!

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