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My New Accessories and Playmates =)

I got new accessories from Bring, they are so adorable, and I love them. Oh well, I am not a kind of person that wears accessories all the time, especially rings. However, when I seen them on their site, I feel in love with them. Maybe because of its colors and I found the design so cute.


I also have new bangles from Landmark, Trinoma.

In addition to that, I also have my new playmates. Ha-ha. I am not into make-up because I am too lazy. Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby powder is enough for me. Feels like I am still a kid. =) Anyways, due to the certain occasions that I am attending to, I need to put some make up to feel more like a lady and also be presentable. Moreover, below were my first ever make up / kikay kit that I purchased. I am not into it so my purchased were the things that I thought make good wonders on my face or I would rather to say, safe for my face since I am so afraid that break out might pop up.

These two below were from P. He’s so supportive to me and he was like “Nagdadalaga ka na?!” and I replied “Tuwa ka naman!” 

 My dearest, if you have something to recommend feel free to leave a comment. I heard so much of MAC, which I guess a good buy.

Stay Pretty EveryOne!

Till Next Time


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