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Pill Boxes for Easy Travel

Nowadays travel is in because many promos have pouring around and I am one of them. Sometimes I just did overnight getaway. Since I have been using many products on my skin for a healthier me, I am having difficulties on my heavy baggage. In addition, every visit to any beauty store or something even on a Japanese store that sells all products (**wink**), I am looking for something that makes my life easier, and guys look what I had.

A mini compartment that can hold my lotion, powder, leave-on crème, medicines, supplements, and all things that can be store on this. Actually it is a Pill Box which turned to my mini hygienic thingy. It is so organize and of course does not eat up a large space on my baggage. This is ideal on an overnight getaway.

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I am more organize now, oh well, being OC strikes me again that am ended up buying these pretty pillboxes.

How about you, what did you bought recently?

That’s all folks,

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