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Skecher's TIME

If you were reading my blog bubblyfluffy, you will aware that I am into watches, whatever watch it is, I just can’t live without them. Yeah, I can’t even leave house without my watch on my wrist. In addition to my growing collections, two Skecher’s watches were added on my watch family. I bought them yesterday on the sale happened in 12th floor of Tower 1, Enterprise Building. By the way, if you wanted to drop by and look for some items that cut their price down up to 70% off, it was a wise spending because you have saved on the price without sacrificing the quality. 

Here are the new watches that I owned from Skecher’s TIME.

Can you guess what are inside of these white boxes?

It’s Skecher’s TIME! However, can you guess what designed I purchased?

 So cute, sporty  and chic. Hope you like it, too! 

That’s All Folks,

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