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Mann Yann Restaurant

Mann Yann is a favorite among many for its delicious and reasonably priced Chinese food.

Hot Tea. This is served before serving the dishes ordered, drinking tea during meals for good health or for the simple pleasure. I love drinking tea because of its health benefits even though it has a slightly bitter taste.

Misua Soup. I love soup as much as I love tea. Mann Yann misua soup with meatballs was delicious. Perfect for the rainy season.

Yang Chow. A popular Chinese wok fried dish in many Chinese Restaurants. This fried rice is a  staple among the Chinese fried rice dishes and the ingredients vary, but there are staple items such as hot-cooked rice (preferably day old because freshly cooked rice is too sticky), barbecued pork, cooked shrimp, scallions - chopped including green ends, egg yolks, peas, and carrots. I can also eat yang chow alone it is a combination of "kanin at ulam" in one dish.

Lechon Macau. Its name itself defines it all, one of the best-sellers in Mann Yann. I love how crispy the lechon that I have eaten them without any sauce.

Spicy Squid
. Wow, seafood! I love it dipped in "bagoong." Yummy and tasty!

Brocolli with Garlic. Green-leafy vegetable that also good for our health. Broccoli is one of the healthiest veggies in the produce department, plus it has a great taste. Another Mann Yann cuisine that is crisp tender with nutritional package vegetable.

Fruit Salad. I love fruits! Mann Yann fruit salad was a perfect dessert to end your comfort eating.
I love Mann Yann Restaurant the foods are delish at a very affordable price. The service is so slow, so it needs an improvement. I also suggest that they serve the soup first before anything else or after the drinks served. Need to widen their restaurant in order to accommodate more people. I will still recommend Mann Yann to my friends whenever they crave for Chinese foods.

Address | Ground Floor, The Link (Ansons), Ayala Center Makati 
Contact | 856-6223 (Phone)

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  1. I don't think I've heard of Mann Yann before! LOL

  2. I love Chinese food! My grandfather is a chinese, but I don't know how to speak chinese! hahah!
    i agree, i love mann yann too.My favorite noodles is beef hofan!

    but there's this one restaurant that i really love. . "Lau Chan". it's around malate manila. yummy! now your post made me really hungry haha!

  3. mmmmm buonooooooooooooo!!!


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