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The Sporty Me

I am active with my extracurricular activities way back elementary and high-school days. I  am  engaged with some sports even how silly it was. I remembered when my friend and I, joined the Patintero Competition during Engineering’s week. Aside from the great experience, the fun, I have met people that really leave a mark in my heart. Last weekend, it was our company’s outing happened in White Rock Beach Resort located in Zambales. The place was big and ideal on an outing with activities like those that we had. By the way, I have posted some photos in bubblyfluffy. Please visit my other blog, which is my food blog.

The whole activities were F-U-N! I have my own camera, but then, I was not into capturing every moment, laziness strike! In addition, since I am joining in the activities prepared by the company’s club, I just had to kept my camera to prevent it from being wet, since there will be a water activity.

Some of my friends, did not yet uploaded their photos so what I only have is this. This has captured after the sack race. I was already wet because before the sack race, we already had the water activity on the beach wherein we have to fill the pail with water from the beach but only using the clothes that we are wearing. FUN! Here, my OOTD for that event.

my Friend and team mate Charm and I

Braided Yellow and Gray Necklace | Extreme Finds
Big Hanky used as Bandana | Armando Carusso
Black Swimsuit | WAGW
Olive Green Long Top as Cover Up | Giordano
Flipflops | Ipanema

I will update this entry whenever I got new photos from my friend’s facebook.

That’s all folks,


  1. what cute photos...i was never the athletic too much of a klutz to even try!


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