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Weekend swimming in Hot Spring

Yay, another weekend getaway happened last weekend. My teammates decided to have team summer outing aside from the company’s outing. I know it is raining over the weekend because of typhoon Egay, but that matter did not stop us to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. The team decided to rent private resort in Pansol, Laguna. The water there was hot, so pouring rains were not a setback for us.

On the other hand, here were the foods that we ate during dinner.

Boss' specialty that she prepared on site, this Garden Salad, composed of cucumber, lettuce, corn, tomato, cheese, and tuna with Caesar Salad Dressing toppings was plentiful. I love Garden Salad, so this one was brazen enough for my diet.

Pork Liempo, which also prepared on site by one of my teammates, was yummy. Well I guess the pork that marinated overnight did the verdict. The liempo’s meat was delicious and tender. On the picture, it looks like overcooked, but I can assure that this was just well done and does not make any bitter taste.

Sisig, I cannot remember where my office mate did purchased this because it was not that good on my taste bud maybe because I wanted the sizzling sisig with egg on top. 

In addition, this chicken was from Chooks To Go, and innovation from Bounty Fresh. I just simply love how tasty the chicken meat even though without sauce or gravy. Oh my, the corny TV Ad of Chooks To Go playing on my mind right now. Napakapakasaraaaap!

These were the foods for the dinner. I even ate with my bare hands. I always love the idea of living in the suburban places where living is just ordinary and happy memories where worth remembering.

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  3. i am so hungry now... as in gutom!
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