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Human Heart Nature: Body Butter

Nowadays, I am obsess with body lotions especially those that contains milk and because I need to moisturize my normal to dry skin. I don't know if this is due of the weather that we have here in the Philippines or a sign of aging (ouch! at age of 25?). But, one thing is for sure, I need to do something to prevent my skin from its not so normal behavior. 

I have bought a Body Butter with Goat’s Milk, Cocoa & Mango from Human Heart Nature. I bought it because it has goat’s milk (as I said earlier "milk") and I have read good reviews about this product, and since it has no harmful chemicals and ingredients, I should have to try it.

I really love the sweet smell of this body butter. It smells like yogurt, it is non-sticky (I'm having the urge to bite my hands because of its smell) and so yummy! I love it! 

How about you guys, have you try Body Butter with Goat’s Milk, Cocoa & Mango from Human Heart Nature?


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  1. The body wash is easy to spread across the body but when used with a shower pouf it is even easier to work up to a thick and lather, while it leaves my skin feeling nice and clean.


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