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Goya Chocolates Variants

I went to the grocery earlier and I found these Goya Chocolates. Even though I do have cold and cough and been sneezing all-day, it will not stop me buying sweets. Actually, my sister also forced me, yes forced me to buy Ice Cream, and I bought it, just like that! Anyways, for the love of chocolates, I bought these three variants of Goya Chocolates – Cookies & Cream, Take-It, and the Splendor.

I love Goya chocolates because it’s not that super sweet and of course it always have something new to offer to its consumers. Goya is also a local brand, but with a word-class taste!
Goya Take-It
Crispy Wafer Fingers in Milk Chocolate

Goya Splendor
Crushed Almonds in Milk Choclate. 
So far, my favorite!

So if you were on a budget and want something chocolate-y, Goya chocolates would be in the rescue. Goya chocolates are much more affordable and available in convenience stores and supermarkets near you.



  1. Yummy! btw, great pictures! you shot very well

  2. Natikman ko na yung Cookies & Cream nila. Masarap din. Try ko next yung Goya Take It, parang Kitkat.

  3. @Jam; Thanks Dear! IMY!; Thanks Dear!

    @Badet; Yup, parang Kitkat yung Take-It. I agree with you, sarap din nung Cookies & Cream. :D


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