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Peach Mango Caramel Crepe yummmmmminess!

Terrific on its Yummmminess Peach Mango Caramel Crepe!
From the variety of healthy and sumptuous fruits, I love mango above all. In every restaurant that Paul and I visited, I am always looking forward to order something on their menu that has mango. It is so good to taste different variants of Mango on every dish that certain restaurants serve. I am always amazed how creative and tasted-with-a-twist mangoes are after the thorough analysis on how it should taste. 

In the photo above, this was my one of favorite dessert in Tokyo Café, a super yummy Peach Mango Caramel Crepe, which contains of peach, mango slices, whipped cream, and mango ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce. Putting caramel, mango, and peach together always comes out with this terrific heavenly taste, a mouth-watering dish! Aside from that, the food presentation was so enticing! 

Tokyo Café’s ambiance was so relaxing. The staffs were so friendly and approachable. They always made sure that we are comfortable and enjoys the food. Tokyo Café always have the quality that we always wanted in a restaurant –a good service, a good food, a good ambiance, a comfortable chair, and a superb dining experience.



  1. thanks for sharing this huge giveaway.. wow i love foooddddds!


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