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Perm or Rebond?!

Finally, my hair gets longer and at the same time, I am having a hard time in my life right now on what to do with it. Is it to get perm or to rebond my hair for the third time? ^wink^



  1. Perm :), only because you've rebonded thrice na... New look, I think it will still look great on you! - Mar

  2. Your hair is fab, I'd keep it long and a bit curly in the ends !
    Very nice blog, if you want we could follow each other, let me know if you follow my blog and I will surely follow back !

    Fashion and Cookies

  3. @ Mar; thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. :D
    hmm.. I think i will be going to have my hair perm.

    @Vale; thanks! I followed you. :)


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