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Shakey’s Groovin’ Tumbler

The first time I saw this kind of tumbler was from Starbucks. [Well, aside from CBTL’s mugs and tumblers Starbucks have a variety and cute designs, too!] Every time I visit Starbucks, I always looking forward to have something like this, because I need one for my office since my almost 4-year’s old tumbler had already broken its handle, but then, It’s not practical to buy something like that for Php 575.00, it’s quite expensive! 

Last week, when we dine-in in Shakey’s, they offer this tumbler for only Php 99.00 pesos. At first, I was quite hesitant if I will purchase this because it might not have the good quality and might be broken in a few days of using it. The crew said that it has the same quality with one in the Starbucks since they do have the same supplier. Wow! What a good deal, same quality but with lower price, that's why I bought one – in orange color! They offer three groovin’ colors - red, orange, and black!

But wait, there’s more! It comes with a free drink [choice of Coca-cola products, I chose Sarsi] when you buy a Large or Party size pizza between August 12 and 26, 2011. Moreover, if you will dine-in again and you’ve bring your Shakey’s Tumbler, your drinks is free, this offers is valid until December 31, 2011! Visit the nearest Shakey’s restaurant in your location now!


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