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Revealing my first purchased from Suelas

I have mentioned on my previous post here about the shoes that I bought from the Suelas, Soak Swimwear and Trove Private Sale last Friday. So here, I'll reveal my new shoes that I bought from Suelas – Flatten It, Roll It, and Fold It. 
Isn’t it gorgeous? I super duper love it! This creation with love is so comfortable, trendy, stylish and easy to be paired with any outfit. Watch out for my outfit-ey post wearing it.



  1. yay! looks really kyootttt!

  2. @ Diane; thanks dear! it's really cute and comfy. :D

  3. the shoes are super the color! :)

  4. @ Kath; Thanks Dear! Thanks for the visit, too. :D

  5. Hello fashionista!

    Tks for your comment on my IFB Poll and for following me ( )! Here I am following back your awesome blog! Simply love it! :)

    Please follow me on BLOGLOVIN as well! :)

    Looking forward to your new posts and fashion-friendship!


  6. Hi Ailyn ! I've been wanting to purchase pair from Suelas but I'm quite reluctant with their sizes. Although they have a size chart provided (, I find it weird that I landed in size 6? while my feet is normally size 8 to 9 on local brands.

    Are their sizing consistent with local brands or at least with your average shoe size?

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Diane, I suggest that email them with your size or if you can measure via ruler much better. I have two pairs of Suelas but with inconsistent sizes, maybe it also depends with the style since it is fold-able.


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