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Success starts with positive thoughts, positive thoughts start with eating right, eat Dole banana – every morning!

For me, a meal without a banana after is an incomplete meal. I used to eat banana after meal because we always have banana on our dining table. Well, it is also part of my diet since I gained weight, eating less rice and one or two banana to make me full.
Since, I am working in not-so-normal hours (4pm-1am EMEA Time), I want my banana fresh that’s why I always buy  DOLE Banana in convenience store every morning because DOLE® Bananas are packed with vitamins and minerals it is best as a morning (start of EMEA Shift) treat to give me the energy to last throughout my day. The funny thing is, every time my friends and office mates see DOLE® Banana they also buy one for me and for themselves because I already influenced them eating one a day. Ha-ha.

By the way, for those who do not know what the benefits of regular eating of banana are, I listed below:

Bananas boost our memory. Yes, you read it right; this is because of the high potassium-content of bananas.
Bananas are great for your cardiovascular health. The high content of potassium in an average-sized banana helps in preventing elevated blood pressure wherein a single banana has more than 400mg of potassium, which is an important mineral for maintaining heart function and blood pressure. Not only does it prevent high blood pressure, but also helps to protect against atherosclerosis.
Helps protect our kidneys. Therefore, if you’re smoking, you must eat a lot of banana, so that you can still protect your kidneys. Study shows that if an average person eats bananas at least 4-5 times a week, he/she can reduce the chances of developing any conditions related with kidneys.

Bananas are 100% good for our health. So, stay healthy and eat right, starts eating DOLE® Banana every morning, every day!

But wait, there’s more, there's an on-going contest entitled, Banana Morning Motto at Dole’s Facebook Fanpage. The promo concept is to share your morning motto with them. Write down your morning motto on a DOLE® Banana. Take a picture of your DOLE® Banana with the Dole sticker and upload in Dole Fresh Philippines’ Banana Morning Motto Application. There you have it, this is also to encourage all of us to have a positive thought every morning and enjoys the good vibes that we have throughout the day. 
Here’s my entry:
If you agree with my motto and it inspires you, please like my entry on facebook here.

       ♥  Like the Dole Facebook Fanpage.
            ♥  Click the Banana Morning Motto Application Tab

           ♥ Upload a photo of your morning motto written on a Dole® Cavendish Banana (make sure the Dole sticker is still on!)

This on-going contest run until September 4, 2011, so hurry and upload your Banana Morning Motto now. You can also check out other heartening and uplifting entries at the Banana Morning Gallery.
Winners could win Executive Massage GC from The Spa or 10 sessions of Zumba classes.
What are you waiting for? Join now! I’ll see your exciting motto at Dole Facebook Fanpage. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section, for more details.

Have a Happy Morning!


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  1. you know what, i read din from an article that banana has more benefits than apple na. :)


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