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Suelas, Soak Swimwear and Trove Private Sale

Yay! I super love this week! A week of shopping spree and eat out and shopping again and eat again. I love my life to the fullest, and I super love God for all the blessing that He poured on me and still pouring. Going back to the Suelas, Soak Swimwear and Trove Private Sale happened last Friday and Saturday, My friend Jam and I went there to shop last Friday. And boy, we didn’t left with empty hand. We bought super duper beautiful pieces at an affordable price since it was a sale plus there were waitress handling pizzas that roam around to have our snack while we are looking, picking and deciding what to buy. How generous and thoughtful the seller are, they made sure that their customers will not be hungry.

Soak Swimwear - Sexy and Fab ♥ ♥ ♥

Suelas and Trove - Comfortable and Stylish ♥ ♥ ♥

Everything was indeed fabulous, photos can do the verdict of what I am talking about, and that’s why we had a hard time choosing what to buy. I really wanted something from Soak Swimwear but when I was about to buy it, it was already gone. I saw that an “Ate” already handed it and will pay for those. *sad* But then, the sadness have gone so fast when I saw and bought bag from Trove and shoes from Suelas. It was my first time to buy something from them though I already knew them for so long while Jam bought a gorgeous and sexy swimwear from Soak.
 The Happy US!

What I’ve got from Suelas and Trove? To be reveal on my next Blog post, because they deserve a separate entry. Ha-ha.



  1. Wow! Galing naman! I really love Suelas, cute ang mga design ng shoes nila.

  2. @ Sweethestia; thanks dear! yeah, love ko na Suelas, sarap sa paa. :D


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