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Terranova re-launched its Largest branch in SM MOA

Hello Guys and Gals and Gays! How’s your weekend so far? Me, lots of shopping escapade that made my wallet screams for someone’s help to throttle me from spending too much, but then, I am so happy and blessed and lucky that no one heard its holler, for that, she’s broke now, penniless! [But don’t worry sweeties, I already set aside my allowance, so that I can still go to the office and make some moolah and spend that on my lavishness.] On the other hand, I am so blissful of the stuff that I bought. They made my life happier! And now, here's my first story of some of my shopping galore.
Ribbon Cutting
Terranova re-launched last Thursday, September 15, 2011 and luckily I was invited and witnessed the re-launched and saw their new collections that suits for a Tropical country like ours. I love cardigans and sweaters but most of the times I always had a second thought if I wear it or not because I am not fond of the idea of getting sweat when I put them on. The good thing is, Terranova’s Cardigan sweaters are made of nearly any fabric, with styles for both women and men which include fabrics such as wool, cotton, polyester, rayon, cashmere, Lycra and many more. So, I can really wear them and add some layers. Happiness!
The event includes live performance by Rez Toledo of SomedayDream and also attended by friends from the entertainment, fashion, and music worlds, including Kyla, Rich Alvarez, Luke Mejares and many others. In addition to emphasizing its young brand for young people with street soul, this popular Italian clothing line is geared up with anew campaign called "We are Terranova", Terranova unveils its Fall/Winter collection for 2011-2012 which explores a variety of on-trend going out dresses, skirts, jackets, multi-purpose cradigans - as it carries a huge variety of styles to casual day-wear from funky get up. 

Here are some photos of their new collections. ^-^
Bye Bye Summer! Hello Winter!
Love this one!
Men's Sweaters
Cute ^-^
Yeah, they have these boots!
plus these! for head, ears and hands
accessories with beautiful prints and designs
But wait there’s more; Terranova also introduced their brand ambassadors - Rez Toledo of SomedayDream; Laureen Uy, ABS-CBN Talent, fashion blogger and sister of Liz Uy; and Chino Lui-Pio, MYX VJ and younger brother of Hale's lead vocalist Champ.
[from left - right] Champ of Hale | Raymond Guttierez | Laurren Uy | VJ Chino of MYX | Rez Toledo of Someday Dream 

Furthermore, here are some photos to highlight the Terranova Philippines SM MOA Branch Event.

Lovely People. Great Re-Launched. I'm drooling on Laureen's pink wedge
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What I loved most of this event was the shopping spree! Ha-ha. Once again, being an Impulsive Buyer was proven. I just picked anything that I want. Anything that I wanted that makes me happy, even though I really don’t know where, how, when and what occasion will I wear them yet. [Basta, I want to have them in my closet and that’s it! What I picked? I’ll be posted them on a separate blog entry soon.] 
love'em all
Happy Shoppers! [from left - right] Me | Jackie | Earth | Ava
And finally, I’ve met new blogger friends Ava, Earth and Jackie. Thanks!
Have a Great Weekend! 



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