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AyosDito Connect and Win Promo: Register now to have your first 10 raffle entries!

Hello sweetie! I love buying things online, aside from the convenience of online shopping; I enjoy the great savings that I always look for when I shop. I don’t have to wait for the mall wide sale nearby and blah blah blah, which most of the times, lead me for not going to the mall because of the heavy crowd and traffic. Thanks Online Shop! My shopping life is now easier than before.
Since, I love shopping online, I have something to share with you sweetie, AyosDito is currently having an “AyosDito Connect &Win Promo”, wherein huge prizes such as Ipad2 and iPhone4 will be given away. As I said it is HUGE because they also giving 1 MILLION PESOS at the Grand Draw! So, what are you waiting for, sweetie?!  JOIN NOW!

Joining is so simple; just follow the steps that I did below:

        1.  Click this link and you were directed to the below page.
  2.   Click on the “Login using Facebook” button on the upper right corner of the page which has red triangle on the above screenshot to be seen easily. Then a pop-up window will appear for you to provide the login details you have for facebook.
        3.   After that, a new pop-up window will appear, click “Allow” button to enter to the application.
        4.   After clicking “Allow” button, you will be directed to the below page. Supply the necessary details to the form such as the Contact No. and the Region. Afterwards, click “REGISTER” button.
        5.   After clicking the “REGISTER” button. You will be directed to the confirmation page as you see below. “Congratulations!” I have a chance now to win 1 of the iPad1 or iPhone4 for Week#8 and 1 Million Pesos on the Grand Draw! *cross fingers*
That’s how easy it is! For that simple registration, I’ve earned my 10 raffle entries. And if I have some advertisement to post, I will be also gaining 10 more raffle entries! EASY STEPS for GREAT PRIZES!


The AyosDito Connect & Win promo will run from August 29 to November 06, 2011.
All residents of the Republic of the Philippines with a valid Facebook account are qualified to participate ("participants") in the promo.
All employees and staff of 701 Search, Inc. and Starcom MediaVest - the owners and operators of including their relatives - up to third level of consanguinity or affinity are not qualified to join the promo.
Participants must be at least 18 years old to join the promo.
Cost of accessing the Internet, Facebook and shall be for the account of the participant.
A participant is entitled to only one Facebook account for the whole promo period.

How to Join
To join the promo, Participants must first register to AyosDito Connect by following the steps below:
Participants must go to the AyosDito website by typing in in the URL field of their computer web browser
Participants must click on the "Login using Facebook" button found at the AyosDito website. Clicking on the "Login using Facebook" button will launch a Facebook Login window.
Participants must login using the email address they use to login to their Facebook account
Upon clicking the "Log In" button of the Facebook Login window, participants must click on the "Allow" button to let the AyosDito Connect application successfully proceed to the next step
The Participant will be taken to the AyosDito Connect Profile page. The Participant must provide their complete and correct personal information as requested in the Profile page and click on the "Update Profile" button to successfully complete the AyosDito Connect registration process. The information provided in the Profile page will be used to contact the Participant should he/she win in the raffle.

How to win
Participants get 10 raffle entries that are equivalent to 10 chance of winning in the weekly and grand raffle draws.
The more raffle entries a participant earns, the more chances of winning.
Participants earn entries when doing the following actions below when they are logged in to AyosDito Connect:
Raffle Entries

Post an Ad
10 for every approved Ad

For the Registration, participants are required to provide their name, address and telephone number. Complete name, address and telephone number can be updated on the Profile information page of the participant.

Rules on Awarding of Entries
Participants can only Register to AyosDito Connect once. Hence, Participants only get one entry for Registration for the whole duration of the Promo.
Non-winning entries after each draw will not be included in the succeeding weekly draws but to be included in the Grand Draw.

Participant earns 100 entries for Week 2.
Participant then gets 100 raffle entries for the Week 2 weekly draw.
Participant's entries return to 0 at the start of Week 3.
To be able to get a chance to win in the Week 3 weekly draw, Participants must do the actions as listed in the table above for Week 3 to earn entries for that week.
If Participant earns a total of 50 raffle entries in Week 3, he/she has earned a total of 150 raffle entries for the Grand Draw
All entries earned by Participants regardless of week acquired are entitled for the grand draw.
Participants who used AyosDito Connect before the promo period and those who registered from August 29 to November 06, 2011 will be awarded 9 bonus raffle entries for the registration process.
A participant can only win once per draw; if a name is drawn more than once in a draw, he/she gets the prize of higher value.
Once an ad is deleted, 10 raffle entries will be deducted from his/her total raffle entries for the weekly draw. Ads should be live at the time of the draw.

What Do I Win?
A total of 20 iPhone 4's, 30 x iPad 2's and P1,000,000 in cash will be given away as prizes for the promo and will be distributed as follows:
Weekly Draws - The following will be raffled off in ten (10) weekly draws:
3 iPad 2's will be raffled off to all eligible Participants with valid raffle entries for the week
2 iPhone 4's will be raffled off to all eligible Participants with valid raffle entries for the week
Grand Raffle - P1,000,000 will be raffled off in the Grand Raffle on Week 10 of the promo
20% tax for prizes exceeding P10,000.00 shall be shouldered by 701Search Inc.
All prizes are non-transferable and not convertible to cash.

Type Of Draws
Regular - All participants who have performed any of the required actions will be eligible for the regular draw
Grand draw - All raffle entries from Week 1 to Week 10 will be eligible for the Grand Draw
Draw Date/Time/Venue

Week 1 (Aug.29-Sept. 4)
September 5, 2011/4PM
701Search Office
3 iPad 2's
2 iPhone 4's
Week 2 (Sept. 5-11)
September 12, 2011/4PM
701Search Office
3 iPad 2's
2 iPhone 4's
Week 3 (Sept. 12-18)
September 19, 2011/4PM/
701Search Office
3 iPad 2's
2 iPhone 4's
Week 4 (Sept. 19-25)
September 26, 2011/4PM
701Search Office
3 iPad 2's
2 iPhone 4's
Week 5 (Sept. 26-Oct. 2)
October 3, 2011/4PM
701Search Office
3 iPad 2's
2 iPhone 4's
Week 6 (Oct. 3-9)
October 10, 2011/4PM
701Search Office
3 iPad 2's
2 iPhone 4's
Week 7 (Oct. 10-17)
October 17, 2011/4PM
701Search Office
3 iPad 2's
2 iPhone 4's
Week 8 (Oct. 17-23)
October 24, 2011/4PM
701Search Office
3 iPad 2's
2 iPhone 4's
Week 9 (Oct. 24-30)
October 31, 2011/4PM
701Search Office
3 iPad 2's
2 iPhone 4's
Week 10
November 7, 2011/4PM
701Search Office
3 iPad 2's
2 iPhone 4's
Grand Draw
1 Million Pesos

When Do I Win?
Each Weekly Draw period starts at 12:00:00am Monday and ends at 11:59:59pm Sunday during the Entry Period.

How to Select the Winners
All entries will be drawn every Monday at 4PM. The AyosDito Connect & Win promo program will run to randomly select a raffle entry from the AyosDito Connect & Win promo database as the winner of the weekly and grand raffle draws.
The Grand Raffle draw will also be conducted at the same time of the weekly raffle draw at the end of Week 10.

Notification of Winners
Winners will be informed by a representative of AyosDito via phone and electronic mail based on the personal information entered in the Profile tab.

Get closer to a million, earn more Raffle Entries!
Earn 10 more raffle entries for every approved Ad!
Remember, the more raffle entries you have, the higher your chances of winning!

Need ideas on what you can sell? Click here to see what others are selling.

Shopping in AyosDito is also fab and glamorous because you’ll also find luxurious brands namely - Guess, Oakley, Ralph Lauren, and Louis Vuitton are some of them and the last time that I purchased something here in AyosDito was last March of this year - beautiful bag. And oh, after joining the raffle and surfing AyosDito, I saw this Greek Style Flowy Top for only P250, my favorite perfume that way more cheaper than to my friend who also sells it – Clinique Happy Hearts for only P2150, and my dream watch – Rolex Lady Date Just 2-Tone with Diamond and Bezel for booming P190,000 (I know someday, I will own her!). It seems that I will do shopping online after posting this entry. *smile* *shopping* *smile*
 In addition, I’ve been surfing for years now. Aside from the accessories and bags and stuff for a girl like me, I also surf for their gadgets and phone to look for the best deal because they also had. And whenever I wanted to keep motivated, I surf for the House and Lot section, looking and seeing those huge houses with beautiful garden and lanai and big space for my dream walk-in closet is such inspiring and instantly, I’m on-track again to build my dreams to reality.
Sweetie, register now and let’s all hope to win! Good Vibes! And start Shopping Online with AyosDito!



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